• September 23rd, 2018
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Warring Tribes Meet Amathila

By Kuvee Kangueehi Windhoek The two warring parties which clashed last weekend in Aminuis over the official opening of an office and the hoisting of the red flag, yesterday met with deputy Prime Minister Dr Libertina Amathila. Both parties held closed-door talks with Amathila to brief her on the violent incident, which left a 25-year-old man dead and the entire Aminuis constituency in absolute shock. The closed-door talks, which lasted the entire morning yesterday, were also attended by the Minister of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development John Pandeni, Minister of Presidential Affairs Albert Kawana and the Police Inspector General, Commissioner Ndeitunga. Amathila informed the media afterwards that the talks constituted consultations and investigations. "I wanted to hear from both parties what exactly happened in order to give the President a detailed report once he is back," said Amathila. She noted that she had informed both parties that the office and flag hoisting ceremony would be put on hold indefinitely. She added that she was informed that the situation in the constituency had calmed down and there was no commotion reported. Amathila however noted that the police investigations are still ongoing especially regarding the murder charge and called on the public to come forward with information regarding the shooting. Commissioner Ndeitunga also made the same appeal to the public to come forward with information regarding the killing. No suspect has been arrested on the murder charge and counter-accusations have been rife between the police and the Aminuis community on who did the shooting. While some police officials are claiming that the shot that killed the young man came from the community, the Aminuis community is convinced that the police are responsible for the death. Commissioner Ndeitunga said a major part of the police contingent which was in Aminuis was withdrawn but a skeleton police force was still present and the area was under continual surveillance. He added that the police force was on standby and would move to the area again if needed. A member of the delegation that represented the Aminuis constituency, Eddy Uandara, said the community viewed the hoisting of the flag and the office opening ceremony as an invasion of their area. He explained that when the Ovaherero were forcefully moved to the tribal reserves around 1924, most traditional chiefs set up their areas of operation. He said that the Maharero Royal House operated in the Otjinene area, Hosea Kutako who was also the Ovaherero Paramount Chief operated in Aminuis, Kambazembi in Waterberg while Zeraeua operated in the Omaruru district. "After Kutako died, he was replaced by Mbaha and the latter was replaced by Kavari who is still alive." Uandara wanted to know who Ewald Kazongominja was representing if he has no followers in the area. "If he has been appointed by Maharero let him open his office and hoist his flag in Otjinene." Uandara noted that the Maharero Traditional Authority even if it has been recognized by the Namibian government has no right to set up "satellite chiefs" all over the country the way they want. New Era learned yesterday that the telephone services of Kazongominja were not functioning after the telephone lines were cut and some cattle belonging to him were also killed. However, New Era could not confirm the incidents independently.
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