• September 21st, 2018
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A Christmassy Weekend

Kae Matundu-Tjiparuro What a relief to briefly break away from the serious mumbo-jumbo of late. Who does not, after the Aminuis mini war? Especially the reported threats from the Namibian Police's Omaheke Regional Commander of "wiping out" the Aminuis community. Looks like the German Imperial Forces have not done this in good measure despite the victims still feeling the effect 102 years after. As they say one cannot live by bread alone. One time or the other the soul needs something out of this world. Well, I have decided that at least for today my soul, if not many soul mates of this column week in and week out, may be in need of a small measure of sedation. By some destined luck, the sleeping giant of Namibia, the City of Windhoek, seems to be overflowing in this respect. Yes, the City has been providing this much-needed escape now and then but with little sedating effect on some of us. Not that the sedatives are inherently ineffective or past their sell-by date but because some of us may have had so much of sedatives that our bodies are near immunity. That is why the coming of artists like Judith Sephuma and Louis Mhlanga to the City this weekend is most welcome. Sharing the stage with them is our own homebrew, Sharon van Rooi. Make no mistake, her sharing act with such greats is not a matter of ons het net saam gekom. That is where she belongs. A great among greats. The only disturbing thing is that rarely do we seem to appreciate her greatness beyond the silhouettes of other greats. Whether we are ever afforded the opportunity to do so, perhaps you know best. But I am more than thrilled to have the trio. Being in the musical company of such a diva like Judith is a rarity in Namibia. In fact, for some of us for whom the word Christmas has no meaning, it is starting to assume some meaning. So please don't ask me what I am going to do this Christmas because mine is this weekend. Finish and Klaar! The only problem is that it does not seem to be raining but pouring this weekend. While the weekend seemingly provides one with a wide choice of dos and don'ts, it is not much of a choice with the events clashing head-on. Besides, for the Judith and company's bill at Zoo Park, the City is also laying the red carpet for one of the country's pioneers of the Oviritje music genre, Kakazona Kavari. Expected tomorrow in the City after an absence of more than three years, a jamboree is in line for her at the Sam Nujoma Stadium. Please don't ask me what about my self-imposed boycott of the stadium in protest of it not having been re-named after many of my Katutura home-boys or -girls, who for that matter have left many traces there. I have been clear that any event must be big to see me there. I am sure this promises to be one of the big events in its league so far. One can only think of a few, with the attempt to enter Namibia into the Guinness Book of Records by feeding the biggest number with boerewors coming to mind immediately. The second edition of the Ovaherero/Ovambanderu traditional dress designers' competition is also billed for tomorrow at the Windhoek Country Club Resort and Casino. Pacon wounds up the launch of its Annual Sam Nujoma Public Lecture Series and the Afro-Voice Magazine with an African Culture Night tonight and tomorrow night. All things being equal as the economist would have it, I shall return in due course to the essence of Afro Voice Magazine. But what a date the 18th of November 2006! How the various events organisers opted to crowd this day the way it is only hell knows. The list of events taking place is endless. So much choice and so little choice. Anyway, see you at any one of these events. If I don't you must know I have avoided you for one or the other reason. But wherever and whenever you find yourself at any, enjoy it while it lasts. And to Kakazona it is nice to have you home!
2006-11-17 00:00:00 11 years ago
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