• September 19th, 2018
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Watse Harry? It's Not True

Neville Basson I heard that the so-called Rehoboth tokolosh has been apprehended! I don't know who was the arresting officer who did the ''job''... but whoever you are comrade-policeman, thank you. The Basters can drink their Baster rum in peace now! If Innocent somehow makes his appearance once again, just tell him what you think of his mother ... you know mos mothers can be quite a sensitive topic with anyone ... even tokoloshes have mothers! I was bombarded again this week by some very disturbing news about Harry! Yes Harry ... there's only one Harry! I came into my office just for one Boer with a highly colonized mentality to come and confront me now again. Piet: ''Nee wat Neville, julle wil maar net nie hoor nie! Did you see what that blerrie Wambo did now again, huh?'' I said: ''Who, what where huh?'' Piet: "Harry man! Harry!" I said: ''Okay Piet, you must be very clear now on what you are about to say now again ... mm, what did Harry do now again huh?'' Piet: '' Nee man ... he was caught again for drunk driving the other day in his hometown! '' I said: ''You see Piet, I know a lotta Harry's, so you must be very clear who you are talking!" Piet: ''Jy sien, then you blerrie people are ignorant too! You know exactly which Harry we are talking about!" I said: ''You see Piet, I hate it when we speculate but I will give you the benefit of the doubt who I think it allegedly is.'' Piet: ''Ja nee my maat , dit raak net nie beter in hierdie land nie ... you blerrie people just keep on breaking the rules in this country! I can't wait to hear his so-called explanation on what happened now again!'' As I was standing there listening to Piet I just decided there and then that there is no way that I will just be staying quiet while this Boer is telling me nonsense. Besides ... BEE teaches us that we must mos kammastag stand together! I said: "Piet , there is no way that it could have been Harry!'' Piet: ''Wat? Agg kom nou Neville! What are you saying?'' I said :'' First of all the Harry that I know gave his life to Jesus Christ not very long ago ... so it's impossible that it could be the same person who was caught under the influence of alcohol! Second of all ... who was the arresting officer huh? If the officer was a white man then there is a big suspicion behind it! You Boers claim mos 'kamma' that you can't tell the difference between black people, since we all look the same to you ... how can you make a positive identification that it was in fact the Harry that you are allegedly talking about huh?'' Piet: " Uhh ... umm ... well uh ... man , it's him! I know it's him! There was an article about him in the Afrikaans daily this week! '' I said: ''Sorry, what did you say ... the Afrikaans daily? You see Piet there's your answer! Julle Boere moet ophou stories maak! It was not Harry okay? It could also have been one of you Boers who painted yourself black and acted like a real comrade in the townships, so Piet ... go and get your facts straight before you come and harass me again about some Harry who did what!'' Piet left my office with his tail between his legs after being properly intimidated! My problem is just ... I need to get hold of this newspaper and let it disappear like a police docket at Katutura police station! Mbye mbye!
2006-11-17 00:00:00 11 years ago
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