• September 19th, 2018
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BEE Kamborottos

Neville Basson To all you Man-United and Chelsea sappotas, may you all bleed slowly this weekend! I am holding out for a draw between the two of you. There is no way that as an Arsenal supporter I could possibly choose sides between a Khomasdal (Man-U) supporter team and these 23h55 Chelsea supporters! Draw, draw, draw please! I hope all you Namibians who know good quality music attended the Judith Sephuma concert last weekend in the capital. I could not attend unfortunately due to parental responsibilities ..... you know ........ kids! I was sitting with a friend the other day paging through one of our local daily newspapers when we came across an article about a new BEE initiative that saw the light recently. Sydney Martin and Frankie's company was officially launched to give Legal Shield a run for their money. I mean, I am all for brothers doing well in business. Our country is very small and everything that you do in this country business-wise, please make sure that you can monopolize the thing because the pie is just too small for everyone to have a bite. Now as it is the norm of all playa-haters, some black people just don't like it when others are excelling in one way or the other in their lives. You would hear all kinds of stuff like '' they probably used their Swapo contacts again to clinch that deal", not knowing that the guy might be a Nudo supporter all along. Charles: '' Etse Neville, sien jy ... these guys just started a new company once again! How do these guys get all these contracts that they are working on, on a daily basis huh? Do you really wanna tell me that there is nothing sinister going on huh?" I said: "Asseblief tog, are you also one of those PHD brothers (Put Him Down)? Charles, you are so damn lazy...you don't even sell braaivleis over weekends! If you are not interested in making more money to provide for your family then so be it...there are other men out there who are willing to bust their asses in order to provide for their children. You need to take a leaf out of their books in order to better your own life my brother!'' Charles: "Nee Neville...uh..umm ..you see that is not actually what I am worried about okay?'' I said:'' What the hell are you talking about huh?' I thought for a second there now that you are insensitive towards the success of fellow black men?" Charles: '' Nee Neville, that's not my problem okay? My concern is more about kamborrotos.'' I said: '' Excuse me? What are you just saying? I am really not fully understanding what you are telling me now? Since when are we now talking about kamborrotos if we are discussing BEE?" Charles: '' Nee Neville, my problem is actually more serious, if these men are running so many businesses ..when do they have time for kamborrottos?'' I said: '' Well uh, I did not know that that is in fact so important in one's life. But Charles...why kamborrotos? '' Charles: ''Neville please, I don't know if you are in business or anything but there is no way that you can have so much stress with different businesses, make money, lose money, keep your wife happy, keep your children happy etc., but you are not having a kamborroto!'' I obviously tried to act very surprised: '' Huh? Are you serious? So all men who are working hard, stressing every day must have a side plate for something extra? '' Charles: '' Ja nee Neville ..... kamborrotos always clear your mind! Look at all the men who have kamborrotos, they never fight with their wives because Theopoldine keeps him happy once a week!'' I said: '' But Charles, with all the illnesses running around, don't you think it's a bit risky?'' Charles: '' I always say Neville, stick to TWO faithful partners then you'll be okay! So I am telling you now, bring me a man out there dealing with all the stress that I just talked about who don't have a kamborroto, and I will show you George Bush will win the war in Iraq!'' I left there not knowing now ..uh..um..you aagh never mind! So, all you BEE wives, please check your husband's cellphones there might be a message that you would like to delete on his behalf ......by the way..uh..where did I leave my cellphone? Mbye mbye!
2006-11-24 00:00:00 11 years ago
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