• September 20th, 2018
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Local Company Produces Five New Albums

By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK One of Namibia's premier music networking stables, Omalaeti, has done it once again. Omalaeti has released five albums with the taste for all. A must for listeners and revellers, the albums feature a host of artists under the label. "We are delighted to announce Tate Buti's 16 track CD, Osuuka.The album is rich in Omalaeti's ground breaking genre,Kwiku music.Osuuka also contains a bonus DVD featuring all Tate Buti's greatest Hits to date," said music producer, John Walenga in a press release. He also said that music producer, Pedrito's latest release Momajukujuku, is also another album coming from Omalaeti. "As always, Pedrito has re-invented the various music genres for Xmas parties, braais and gatherings. The album will give music marketing houses an exclusive opportunity to catch and cut across a market that is above traditional barriers. He has combined Kwiku, Surura and House flavours to further enrich and elevate Kwiku Music to another level," Walenga stated. He also contended that in his company's vast growing library of artists comes PDK, (Patrick, Dion and Kamutonyo, who have brewed up a Kwiku Afro Pop scorcher, called Skoko, a 14-track album. PDK, new on the market. "As the music stable continues to facilitate the development of growing and well established artists, through a wide range of music genres, Omalaeti's platforms offer innovative and pioneering fresh marketing techniques in the music industries. Vision 2030 is an album by DJ Kalu, whose title needs no explanation. This is strictly a Kwiku House remix taking, thus taking Kwiku Music to unchartered territories," the statement said. The company has also released an album for the M.U.N (Mineworkers' Union of Namibia) in celebration of its 20 years of members' rights uncompromised. "Titled Ombike Noshixupulo, the album adds the flair to our cutting edge as being the rapidly growing music powerhouse. To the DJs, the vendors, the journalists, the revellers and listeners, the shebeen owners, the taxi drivers and the professionals, enjoy this festive season with Omalaeti.and remember, Ndjino oyandje mwene! To fellow artists, you know where to meet moss, Momajukujuku. Hopefully your Skoko would still be intact not to brail your contribution towards Vision 2030," Walenga ended the statement.
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