• September 21st, 2018
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Midnight Crawlers

Francis Tsawayo In a lifetime, people acquire or adopt certain habits that over time mature and become imprinted in their daily routines, and in most cases these are the tidbits that people always remember most about an individual. Though these traits vary with individual personas, the most unique and interesting have remained unchronicled as they only manifest themselves under the cover of darkness like nocturnal creatures. A lot of interesting things occur in the absence of light and most of you would agree with me or you would rather say that it's common knowledge. Often the night is characterized by good, bad and ugly things perpetrated by all sorts of people, but what is so special about the night and the night crawlers? Well, it's what they do when they get out of bed while others are lost in deep slumber. The irony of this issue centers around the tidbits they get up to. Contrary to the fact that after a long day one looks forward to a good night's rest, that is not the issue for the first group of crawlers which comprises students. Working hard surely has great rewards, and lately it has become a common sight to see lights on at weird hours of the night as students are studying for exams. Most can relate to these challenging times knowing that playing during the day and working hard at night is a good strategy but in the same way could also lead to catastrophic results if implemented at desperate times. As for the Grade 12 students, the newspaper will tell the tale. As for those at tertiary level particularly the Poly, they will enjoy the new service whereby you can get your results through sms, don't you just love technology. Although students and a lot of other people find the night very convenient to study or work, they only qualify as part-time crawlers compared to those who believe that music sounds better at night particularly contemporary jazz lovers. Yes, they claim that you can hear each instrument and every note crystal clear. "Imagine, the saxophone and the cello cutting through the sweet silence of the night, it's so smooth like a wallaby shoe," one jazz lover put it. I paused to think to myself what if it was one of the late Bob Marley's songs that goes, "I want to disturb my neighbours because I'm feeling so high" cutting through the silence of the night! I guess the one good thing about music is when it hits, you feel no pain but then again I wish no such neighbour for any man who loves his sleep. Several authors, playwrights and intellectuals have given testimony to having produced some of their best works, during the privacy and comfort of the night. Music composers are no exception; this reminds me of an interview that I heard on radio when Daniel Bedinfield revealed that he had produced the baseline to his debut single Got to get through it during the early morning hours. Others wake up to read the Bible and give praise to the Almighty; they take the opportunity to seek salvation before the new day dawns with its trials and tribulations. Those who will seek the Lord on the twelfth hour better take heed. I guess the last group I will mention is quite popular and a lot of us are committed to maintaining our membership regardless of what the doctors says. All young and old, male or female characterize this group. What they do is when everybody else is fast asleep they get out of bed and head for the kitchen, making as little noise as possible. In the kitchen they amour themselves appropriately with out making a sound and they launch the midnight raid on the refrigerator. It's really amazing, because the only source of light would be offered by the fridge when it's open but what you should see is the size and what goes onto that so-called midnight snack. It's very impressive that after putting down a sandwich of that size one simply strolls back to the bed and back to sleep - mission accomplished. As people we have our own unique personal traits, possibly you have come across your own version of midnight crawlers. If you have, my question is did you find these people weird because they have different habits from yours, or were you open-minded and understand that we are all individuals that were not made in your own image? Eewa!
2006-11-24 00:00:00 11 years ago
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