• September 19th, 2018
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Rukoro Takes Over

By Kuvee Kangueehi WNDHOEK The coordinator of the Namibia Football Association (NFA) Disciplinary Committee, Barry Rukoro, has been appointed Acting Secretary-General of the NFA after the institution decided to send its Secretary-General, Alpheus Gawaseb, on two months forced leave. The NFA spokesperson, Beau Kauta, finally made the announcement yesterday after being quiet on the matter, which was decided at the NFA Executive meeting last weekend. Kauta said at a media briefing that Gawaseb will be away on two months' fully paid leave and that the NFA will advertise the position in the meantime. He noted that Gawaseb, if interested, was also welcome to apply for the position. Kauta did not give any reasons for the sudden decision by the executive to remove Gawaseb as head of the secretariat of the NFA. The spokesperson further explained that Gawaseb's contract was due to end next year (2007), but that the executive felt they needed to advertise the position soon. He said Gawaseb's contract had already expired last year but the NFA had omitted to notify him to this effect and had also failed to offer him a new contract. Therefore, according to law he is entitled to a further two-year contract. The public relations officer also confirmed an earlier report by New Era that the Brave Warriors team manager, Markus Damaseb, was given the boot and will be replaced by Tim Isaacs. On his appointment as the Acting Secretary-General, Rukoro said he was planning to make some re-arrangements in order for the soccer mother body not to suffer in any department while the changes are taking place. Kauta further announced that the NFA Executive also resolved that the area technical director lacked capacity, as was announced earlier. He said the NFA Executive would write a letter to FIFA seeking for assistance in the department. Kauta also announced at the media conference that the Executive had taken note of the low allowance given to national team players. He said the Executive agreed that such allowance was below that of other countries. Gawaseb could not be reached for comment.
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