• September 25th, 2018
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Christmas Fever

Anna Ingwafa IT is that time of the year once again when we have a good reason for over-indulgence, be it socialising, wining, eating, shopping, drinking, speeding and a host of other sins. Thank the Almighty it is the festive season again and slowly but surely Windhoek is gradually being deserted as usual at this time of year as the majority are travelling so that they may fulfil a million Christmas party ideas. By the way, somebody tell the municipality to wait in January for water and electricity and other utility bills because the clothing shops and the pubs seem to top our priority lists at least during this period of feasting. I got caught up with a lot of puzzled friends wondering about the shortage of carbon dioxide and who wanted to know whether this would affect the availability of their favourite tipple (beer). I quickly pointed out that the problem is with Namibia Beverages not at Namibia Breweries, so they sighed in relief. I hark back then and go through the ingredients for beer, that are: malted barley, hops and water only, meaning no artificial fizz, at least this seemed to put smiles back on their faces. Old friends will soon be back at the village, and we have to show each other that we were not wasting time where we were for the whole year by buying loads of beer, indulging in 'Christmas binge drinking'. Parents know that they'll have N$100.00 upon your arrival, but they know exactly that they can't use the money, you will need it back after two weeks as a 'return ticket'. Though our parents are always thankful to have us around during the festive season, resulting in the routine of slaughtering a goat or those free-ranging chickens, because the last time they saw us was during the same time during the previous year. They are used to their normal Christmas gift of two loaves of bread, 250mg of jam and 2.5 kg of sugar, what else can they wish for? That's their Christmas treat. They have to slaughter the goat the day you arrive because that might be the first time to see you, second time it will be after New Year's Eve. You will be in a hurry asking the hundred you gave them by then to go back to Windhoek claiming your ATM card had been swallowed by the machine and you promise to deposit more money upon your arrival in the city for them, which in any case is an empty promise that never gets fulfilled. Apart from failing to settle our municipality bills, we will make sure that cuca shop owners at the village quadruple their earnings and they always pray for this time of the year. And let us hope they acquire their liquor licenses in time. This year looks a bit different from others, because the closing of shebeens at 12 midnight is not a joke. At least it will give some of us time to spend the Christmas Day with our families rather than engaging in those marathon drinking sessions consuming record-breaking amounts of alcohol. Please be patriotic by paying your municipality bills before you hit the road because surely as sunrise precedes sunset, this is natural and is just the right thing to do. Namibia could have another shot at the Guiness Book of World Records by having an alcohol-free Christmas. Eewa
2006-12-08 00:00:00 11 years ago
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