• September 19th, 2018
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Inheritance Money?

Neville Basson It is with great sadness that I have to report that Lazarus Jacobs is out of hospital! You see, me and Laz made this bet who will live longer than the other one! Sadly to say Gazza decided mos now to put God on speed dial the night of the Sanlam music awards by asking for protection for the Wambo! For the people who continuously ask me why Laz was in hospital, he ate something ... you Wambos eat mos things that only you understand like e-kaka, cauchu-chu, mopanie worms, etc! I was already preparing my memorial service speech at Otjivanda (Grootfontein) but it seems like I have to wait just a little bit longer, damn! Talking about memorial services, etc, I spoke to a guy the other day who was quite dismayed about a certain Katutura issue now once again. Frank: ''Man Neville, I am just very, very disappointed in the way we as black people deal with each other on a daily basis.'' I said: ''Aaai tog Frank, what did we do now once again huh?'' Frank: ''Nee Neville, I am tired man ... my mother passed away a couple of months ago, it was one of the hardest things that we as a family went through and I miss my mother everyday of my life. What hurts now even more is that I bought myself a new house recently, now people are making accusations that I was just waiting for my inheritance money that I have received from the passing away of my mother. Now that is just utter nonsense man!'' You see, as Frank was standing there explaining his pain I was standing there thinking of the death of my beloved brother, Desmond Basson who passed away three years ago exactly this time of the year. A year after his death I bought myself a Mazda 3 (yes, it's the silver/beige one you people gossiped about so much!) Yes, I heard the stories constantly: " Este, Neville ry nou n nuwe kar, die geld het gekom!'' I was constantly thinking, now don't these people think that I can actually afford a new car out of my own pocket huh? I told Frank: '' Luister hierso my broer, all these people who gossip about you and the money that your mother left behind, tell them to go to hell! Who do they think they are huh, they don't think for one second that you and your mother had a tight relationship and that the money she left for you is your entitlement as her son! Are these people crazy, are you now supposed to be spending that money with them in order for them to feel better about their empty fridges huh?'' Frank: '' It's true Neville, but it's just very painful to listen to all the stories about me and my mother's insurance policies!'' I said: ''Just let them be okay? I just wonder what they are saying now that I have another new Mazda ... the 6, and Laz driving a new BMW, I guess we must have claimed falsely at Sanlam while our mothers are still alive!" So, to all you people out there who lost loved ones, if your father left you some dough please feel free to use it as you feel suited it's got nothing to do with anybody ...... the rest of you, mind your business please! Mbye mbye
2006-12-08 00:00:00 11 years ago
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