• September 23rd, 2018
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Defensive Driving against Road Bandits

Kae Matundu-Tjiparuro It is sad and disturbing that instead of our road networks being smooth convenient transits on our way to our respective destinies for re-unification with our loved ones, they are slaughterhouses. Most worrisome is the fact that more often than not, the victims are considerate motorists doing everything in the road safety rulebook. Still this does not seem safe enough. Our roads are smitten with road thugs for whom road rules and regulations, let alone their own lives and those of other fellow motorists, are meaningless and worthless. These hooligans have not only turned our roads into their own race tracks but also into gas chambers of some sort. As a result of their lack of respect for their own lives and that of their fellow motorists, many children have been orphaned and with the festive period only just peaking in a few days, it is dreadful to think others are fated to be dead and orphaned through the wanton driving of presumably licensed drivers. How they obtained their driving licenses is beyond anyone's comprehension. The lives of others are to them at their whim the moment they get behind their steering wheel. However, as dangerous as our roads are because of reckless and careless road bandits, the good citizens, road users and motorists should not despair and be discouraged by them. It still pays that we still have on our roads people who keep their cool against the odds of negligent and indifferent driving. Otherwise, the carnage on our roads could have been unimaginable. The watchword this festive season for each and every one of our motorists, passengers, or us, is defence. Motorists and drivers should at all times be alert, keeping in mind that the road does not belong to them but to all, including animals and humans turned animals, as is the case with some drivers. Most importantly, the life that you may put at risk with your inconsiderate driving, or take away for that matter, is of someone dear to many people. Thus no life is worthless. That includes your own life. If you think that your own life may be worthless, you have got it completely wrong. Your life is dear to the next person besides you, whether you are relatives or not. However, if you really think that your life is not worth living, please give others who hold their life dear a chance to live it to the fullest. That is why each and every one of us should join the current "Xupifa Eemwenyo" campaign. Let us all is part of a festive season free of the sorrow and trauma of death. Let us all derive joy from having played our part in affording our fellow road users the chance to leave their homes and loved ones safely and return or reach them safely. It is not only within our capability as motorists and road users but also as passengers and pedestrians. That is provided you not only strictly observe the road safety rules and regulations but also respect them. Value your life but that of your fellow road user as well. Don't say you are right! By not doing everything possible to avoid a situation that may endanger yourself as well as your fellow road user as right as you may be, you may be equally wrong and two wrongs cannot make it right. Defensive driving is the hallmark of safe driving. Drive defensively, safely and save a life or lives.
2006-12-15 00:00:00 11 years ago
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