• September 18th, 2018
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A Long Way to Go - Nujoma

By Kuvee Kangueehi Windhoek Swapo Party President Dr Sam Nujoma has called on his party members to display a maximum sense of discipline and respect for each other in order to ensure that the party continues to win the trust and confidence of all Namibians. Opening the party's Central Committee meeting on Friday evening, the former Head of State reminded the Central Committee that the Swapo constitution stipulates that every member of the party should be of exemplary conduct and act in the spirit of comradeship towards each other. Nujoma, who is also the Founding President of the country, said Swapo Party members must act with dedication and commitment in the interests of the party and the nation. "As leaders, we must ensure that we always promote inner party and national unity, patriotism and solidarity among ourselves and the rank and file." He said his fellow Central Committee members must also embrace democratic norms and principles in their intentions, deeds and actions. The president dismissed claims that Swapo is divided into factions and said such claims are being made by some treacherous elements in concert with some of the local media. "It must be clearly understood that those who go around misleading the people that the Swapo Party is divided into factions are daydreaming." He called on the leaders to preach the message of unity and solidarity among the broad masses of the people and not division, tribalism and regionalism. "It is only in this manner that we will ensure unity and cohesion in the Swapo Party as well as peace and stability in the country." Nujoma said that the immediate task facing the Swapo Party and its government is the need to restructure the economy and expand the provision of basic services and public amenities so that it can eradicate hunger, poverty and disease. Apart from congratulating the government for the successes it has achieved during the past 16 years, he acknowledged that the government has still a long way to go. "Therefore, the challenge to the entire leadership of the Swapo Party should devise mechanisms which are geared towards the effective implementation of the Swapo party election manifesto." He called on the party leaders to continue working closely with the communities in their struggle to eradicate poverty and under-development in the country. "We will effectively accelerate socio-economic development when the party leaders, especially at the section, branch, district and regional levels work together and maintain continuous communication with our communities irrespective of colour, race or ethnic group." The Central Committee is the highest organ of authority between two congresses, considers current policies of the Swapo party, responds timely to new problems and determines concrete political stands in addressing the numerous challenges facing the party as well as the country. The next Central Committee meeting is expected to be held in February next year. Many Swapo party leaders attended the Central Committee meeting. Notably absent were Speaker of the National Assembly Theo-Ben Gurirab, MP Hidipo Hamutenya and deputy Prime Minister Libertina Amathila.
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