• September 19th, 2018
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Desert Soul Radio Drama Starts in Oshiwambo

By Staff Writer WINDHOEK In an effort to ensure that the messages on the fight against HIIV/AIDS, TB and smoking reach more of the target groups and the majority of Namibians, the broadcast in English on NBC National Radio has been translated and produced in Oshiwambo. The Oshiwambo version of the Desert Soul Radio Drama Series has started being aired on the Oshiwambo service of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) as of 14 December 2006. The 41 episodes of the radio drama series contain interesting, informative, real-life and educative experiences, being played by local Namibian actors. The themes are based on the every day lives of Namibians from various backgrounds, as they face the dangers and challenges posed by HIV/AIDS, TB and smoking. The radio drama series also conveys stories of people taking decisions about their own lives and playing positive roles in the fight against those diseases. The Oshiwambo Radio Drama Series of Desert Soul, which is a project of the Namibia Red Cross Society, is being broadcast on NBC Oshiwambo Radio Service on Thursdays and Fridays at 19h15 and repeated on Saturdays at 12h00. "The introduction of the Oshiwambo version of the radio drama series is aimed at giving impetus and broader scope of listenership to the already successful English version Desert Soul Radio Drama Series that has been airing on NBC National Radio for the past few months," says Ms. Felicita Hikuam, Project Manager for Desert Soul. She is of the opinion that due to the popularity of the English version of the Desert Soul Drama Series, the need was realized to produce and broadcast the Oshiwambo version. In view of the fact that over 60 per cent of Namibians speak Oshiwambo, the programme hopes to reach more of the target audience with the Oshiwambo version of the drama. She further states that Desert Soul is very excited about the Oshiwambo version of the radio drama series as it will assist the Namibia Red Cross Society and its Desert Soul Project to meet their objectives as far as increasing awareness amongst Namibians about the dangers of HIV/AIDS, TB and smoking and through that, to encourage them to join the fight against those diseases in the country. The Desert Soul Radio Drama Series will soon in the new year (2007) be followed by the television drama series and the launch of a booklet on how to stop violence against women.
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