• September 23rd, 2018
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DVD - The Spirit of Namibia

By Ingrid Demasius This is an epic and beautiful portrayal of Namibia's cultural tradition. Subtitle tracks: Spanish and German Songs performed by Mascato Coastal Youth Choir and the Namib Marimbas Traditional Namibian Cultural Song and Dance Namibia is usually sold as a wildlife destination and is more famous for the Namib Desert, vast plains and grasslands than for its people. But the Namibian people have a rich and diverse culture. In the Spirit of Namibia the Mascato Coastal Youth Choir of Namibia and the Namib Marimba band is introduced to the world against the backdrop of the spectacular Namibian landscape as well as the cultural heritage of the country, including the traditional San people, or Bushmen, the Fire-eaters from the Caprivi, the Drumbeaters from the north, the Nama dancers from the south and many more. It is a journey of discovery and that will leave the viewer with a feeling of having found a magical and mysterious place in the world, where contrast, diversity, rhythm, unity and countless possibility is as much true of its people as it is of the landscape. It will shed new light on an already much loved country and will encourage people to visit this land and to help preserve its culture by acknowledging its place in the world and making space for it in their hearts. INTV Productions 2006 Film running time: 40 min 30 sec DVD Extras running time: 55 min 05 sec Available in all Namibian bookshops
2006-12-22 00:00:00 11 years ago
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