• April 25th, 2019
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Kapuuo's Assassins Still Not Made Known after 29 Years

By Kuvee Kangueehi Windhoek DTA of Namibia's MP McHenry Venaani says it is time that Namibia asks the South African government to hand over the docket and the names of officials who investigated the assassination of former DTA President, Clemens Kapuuo. Venaani said the findings must be made public and the assassin and the motives be made known. The DTA parliamentarian made the call on Tuesday evening at the annual commemoration of Kapuuo's death at Khomasdal in the capital. This year marked the 29th commemoration of the death of the former Herero leader. Venaani charged that South Africa then thought that Kapuuo would work in the interests of the colonizers, but he proved them wrong and this culminated in the pressure that led to his assassination. "He proved them wrong, and his uncompromising position at the quest for a free motherland cost his life." He added that after Kapuuo's death, a higher duty remained for thousands of Namibians to undertake and complete his unfinished aspirations, which were to open the Namibian landscape and its resources to all. Kapuuo was a trained teacher and completed his education at the Stofberg College in the former Transvaal Province in South Africa. He first taught at the Waterberg Primary School in Okakarara, and later continued his career at the St Barnabas School in the Old Location. He started his political career at a very young age and served as a member of the former Chief Council under the leadership of Chief Hosea Kutako. He was soon appointed Secretary of the Chief Council and the principal translator for Chief Kutako. He played a significant role in assisting Kutako with drafting petitions to the UN, and was an assistant to Reverend Michael Scott. Kapuuo was also a key player in the formation of the first black political party, Swanu, in 1959. He participated in the Old Location stand-off on December 10, 1959 which resulted in the death of Rosa Kakurukaze Mungunda and other Namibians who resisted the forced removal by South African authorities to present-day Katutura. Kapuuo was elected the first president of the National Unity Democratic Organization (NUDO) after Kutako decided to break away from Swanu. With Kutako aging, Kapuuo was appointed the deputy leader of the Ovahereros and chairman of the Chiefs council. After Kutako's death in 1970, Kapuuwo was appointed Chief of the Ovaherero people, which he remained until his death in 1978. It was on Easter Monday of 1978 that Clemens Kapuuo, the paramount chief of the Ovaherero and leader of the DTA of Namibia, was shot and killed by unidentified gunmen in Windhoek. Although it never claimed responsibility for the assassination, Swapo was blamed for the killing. On Ascension Day, the largest military operation undertaken by South Africa since the Second World War, Operation Reindeer, was launched. South African forces attacked targets deep inside Angola, and over 1??????'??
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