• May 19th, 2019
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Another Grisly Murder

By Surihe Gaomas WINDHOEK Fresh body parts comprising a head and a set of forearms were found in a black plastic bag near the Grootfontein State Hospital yesterday morning. Police spokesperson, Chief Inspector Angula Amulungu, said the unidentified body parts, believed to be that of a female, were found at about 09h20 at Dr Ngarikutuke Tjiriange Road near Grootfontein State Hospital. "The parts were disco-vered by municipality workers who were busy cleaning the streets and came across a black refuse plastic bag. After they opened the bag, they discovered two forearms and a head," said Amulungu in a press release. The police also found "stained seat covers of a car, a blood stained female sleeping dress and a black bra," at the scene of the discovery. Police could not ascertain whether the latest finding is linked to the ongoing investigation of the 'B1 Butcher' case. Several women including Sanna Helena //Garo???_?_'???_?'???_?
New Era Reporter
2007-09-18 00:00:00 11 years ago

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