• September 25th, 2018
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Rundu Residents Urged to Vote Wisely

By Kuvee Kangueehi WINDHOEK Former Swapo Party President, Sam Nujoma, has called on Rundu residents to vote for the party's candidate Rosa Kunyanda Kavara during the coming by -elections for the position of councillor for the Rundu Rural West Constituency. Addressing a public rally on Sunday, Nujoma said the residents must vote correctly and vote for the Swapo Party candidate in order to accelerate socio-economic development. "Comrade Kavara is a dedicated and committed cadre of the Swapo Party who will ensure speedy and effective delivery of services to the residents of this constituency." The former head of state warned that Namibians should not allow themselves to be divided along tribal, regional and ethnic lines. "Tribalism is a disease that has the potential to disrupt peace and stability that we enjoy today in Namibia." He said those who preach tribalism must be rejected and condemned by all peace-loving Namibians. Nujoma urged all the leaders at regional and local levels to step up activities of mass political mobilisation. "We must continuously mobilise and recruit new members to join the Swapo Party to ensure that the party continues to win elections and implement our national development policies and programmes." The former president said this is the only way through which the second phase of the struggle, to gain economic independence and prosperity for all, can be attained. He noted that the Swapo Party Government would continue to reform and improve the national education system to enable it to successfully respond to new challenges. "The Swapo Party Government will continue to build more primary and secondary schools to enable our children to have access to quality education." Only five candidates from different political parties will participate in the by-elections. The Namibia Democratic Movement For Change (NDMC) withdrew from the election claiming irregularities. In a media release issued last week the NDMC claimed that it has been noticed during the past three weeks that the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) has not followed some procedures and thus the election process will not be credible. The contesting candidates are Kavara from the Swapo Party, Mathias Lipalu Munango of the Congress of Democrats (CoD), Lucius Kudumo Shikusho of DTA, Johannes Waha Sinonge of the Republican Party and Lucia Makunda Sitareni of Nudo. The elections will start on January 11, at 07h00 and end at 21h00. The counting is expected to start an hour after the close of voting and results will be announced shortly after the counting. A total of 2ǟ
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