• September 25th, 2018
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Political Battle Lines Are Drawn

By Staff Reporters WINDHOEK and RUNDU Jostling for the mind and soul of the Namibian electorate is in full swing. In the latest battle, the new party, the Rally for Democracy and Progress, claims it has scored a new victory. The RDP says two prominent members from the Kavango Region have resigned from the Swapo Party to join the RDP. One is a former Swapo Ndiyona District Coordinator, Martin Prokafuro, and the other is Rundu Rural West District Mobiliser, Moses Nyundu. The RDP says its political programme and policies have given Namibians new hope for a better future and the party pledges to deliver on its promises. It further says this latest resignation in a long series, is further proof of the positive mass response to the RDP call. Contacted for comment, however, the Swapo Coordinator in Rundu, Vincent Likoro, said he had no knowledge that the two had defected, saying that they had neither tendered resignation letters nor retuned party property - their membership cards. He went on to say that he had held meetings on official party issues with them in his office the day before yesterday and they did not mention anything to him. However, late yesterday afternoon the RDP held a press conference in Rundu where the two were to formally announce their resignation. Nyundu did not turn up for the press conference because of family commitments, but Prokafuro did. He handed in his letter of resignation and the Swapo membership card to the RDP organisers in Rundu. He said the Swapo card was his personal property because he paid for it. Prokafuro said they resigned because they felt that Swapo has lost focus and direction and also that the former President Sam Nujoma told traditional leaders last year that they should not participate in political activities and yet they are the ones who open and close them. At the press conference the RDP announced that it would be holding a major rally in Rundu soon. In the meantime, Prokafuro has been appointed as part of the interim RDP structure in the region.
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