• September 24th, 2018
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Walvis Bay Extends Acting CEO's Tenure

By Charles Tjatindi WALVIS BAY The acting Chief Executive Officer of the Municipality of Walvis Bay, Muronga Haingura, will continue serving in that position for another three months effective from January 1. Haingura, who is the General Manager of Finance at the municipality, has been doubling up as acting Chief Executive Officer since April last year after Augustinus Katiti resigned from the post. Nolito Marques, a communications officer with the Municipality of Walvis Bay confirmed the extension of Haingura's tenure at the helm of the municipality. He said the town council approved the extension in order to allow the municipality more time to find a suitable candidate for the position. "The position was advertised last year after Mr (Augustinus) Katiti's departure, but no suitable candidate could be secured. As such, the council opted to appoint Mr Haingura to act in the position until a suitable candidate can be found," said Marques. The decision to extend Haingura's tenure was made at a special management committee meeting held late last year. But the final authority rests with the town council - which is yet to ratify the special management committee meeting's decision. "Yes, council has the final say on this, but it is likely to support the decision," Marques said. Marques couldn't say what would happen after Haingura's tenure expires but thinks the council might opt to extend his term again if it fails to secure a suitable candidate. In an interview featured in the Christmas edition of the municipality's monthly newsletter, Bay News, Haingura underscored his philosophy of "working with the municipality to serve the community". He described his additional role as a form of redeployment and another opportunity to serve the residents of Walvis Bay. Haingura sees his double role as a tough but attainable challenge. "I managed through sacrificing some of my personal time, involving my team members more closely and delegating responsibilities. It hasn't been an easy ride, but maintaining a positive spirit helped," he was quoted in the Bay News. Following Katiti's departure in March last year, Haingura was initially appointed to act as CEO for three months, but the period was later extended to six months.
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