• September 26th, 2018
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Ovaherero Genocide Body Launches in US

By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK Descendants of the Ovaherero Genocide victims in the United States of America (USA) are officially launching an Ovaherero genocide association, to be known as the Association of the Ovaherero Genocide in the USA (OGA) tomorrow (Saturday) in New York. The association is an outflow of the Ovaherero Ovambanderu Genocide Committee in the USA dating back to before 2004, the centennial year of the Ovaherero Genocide. The Association is being launched tomorrow on the 104th anniversary of the erstwhile Ovaherero Paramount Chief, Samuel Maharero's declaration of war against German imperialist forces. The Association aims, among other things, at promoting knowledge and understanding of the Ovaherero Genocide of 1904-1908, support and advocating the Ovaherero claims for an apology and reparations from the Federal Republic of Germany and to keep alive the memory of the Ovaherero Genocide and other genocides around the world for future generations. The organization, to be known in short as The Association, will organize a work and study group consisting of persons who have an active interest in keeping alive the genocide of the Ovaherero committed by Imperial Germany between 1904 and 1908. It will mainly focus on seeking official recognition of the genocide by the community of nations, reparations from the Federal Republic of Germany and the mobilization of resources to build monuments in Namibia, Botswana and South Africa to honour those who sacrificed their lives during the war of resistance against Imperial Germany. It shall strive at achieving its objectives by promoting research and activities of the Ovaherero Genocide and generally seek to educate the public and the world community about the concerns of the Ovaherero Genocide. It would further seek to provide a network for the descendants of the Ovaherero Genocide in Namibia and in the Diaspora in advancing causes of interest to the Ovaherero. The Association shall also endeavour to search and preserve historical records, especially oral stories about the genocide that have been passed from the survivors to the children to keep alive the memory of the Ovaherero Genocide for future generations. Last but not the least, it shall coordinate with other organisations and persons involved in genocide issues. Active membership of The Association is restricted by application to individuals residing in the USA who support causes consistent with its objectives and who pay annual dues as established by the Board of Directors. Associate Membership is open to the descendants of the Ovaherero in the Diaspora and other individuals who do not qualify for Active Membership while the Board of Directors may bestow Honorary Membership on individuals who have made significant contributions to advance causes consistent with the objectives of The Association. Among the achievements of The Association since its establishment is the establishment of a website which became operative last March. The web address is: www.ovahererogenocideassociationusa.org. Meanwhile, The Association is imploring members of the public who are sympathetic to the cause of the Ovaherero Genocide to sign an on-line petition to show their support for the cause of the Ovaherero for reparations. The petition can be accessed on-line at www.thePetitionSite.com/takeaction/444474096. The founding members of The Association who adopted its constitution last June are Dr Tunee Tjirongo, Mr Veraa Katuoo, Mrs Vepuka Katuuo-Kauari, Mrs Louisa Kamatuka and Dr Ngondi Kamatuka.
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