• September 19th, 2018
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Students Denied Official Results

By Mungu Mutimani WINDHOEK Students who are still indebted in terms of tuition and other fees to the University of Namibia would not receive printed results, it was announced. Students find themselves in this predicament because since last year the Ministry of Education has not paid study loans on their behalf, resulting in the outstanding debt. And this state of affairs has put many students who finished their studies in a fix because they cannot look for jobs, as many of their potential employers need copies of their results. Students said the university is not allowing them to see their proper results, since some students' results got via SMS indicate no admission to the examinations though they sat for the examinations. Students are bitter that the Ministry of Education has not kept its side of the bargain. The university's Public Relations Officer Utaara Hoveka said the agreement between the university and Government was that students have to sit for their examinations and would not get their results until their fees are paid in full. But he said the Government has paid some of the outstanding fees, though it failed to settle the balance. Hoveka said students at least had the privilege of being able to see their results via SMS, despite the outstanding fees. The Ministry of Education's public relations officer Ester Paulus confirmed that the ministry settled all the outstanding balances on December 31,2007. She said the students with outstanding fees who are loan holders should contact the ministry to find out why their fees were not paid in full.
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