• September 22nd, 2018
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Another Addition to Namibian Literature

By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK Another anthology of poetry has seen the light in ongoing efforts to create indigenous Namibian literature. This time around, poet Macaba Hendrick's poems, written over three years, have been published under the auspices of Township Productions. "This is my company's second poetry anthology to help and assist struggling Namibian poets actively in a genre that has not really taken off since independence. Namibian poets still get a raw deal when it comes to the publication of their works," said Joseph Malopong of Township Productions. This community-based non-profit making organisation has been involved in theatre and other cultural upliftment efforts for a number of years. "Unfortunately, the creative works of many worthy Namibian poets are still shunned or unfairly turned down by established publishers due to reasons of their own, re-emphasising the fact that such publishers still see our works as inferior in terms of what they perceive to be quality," Malopong said. The Hendrick's anthology is titled A Hellowish and consists of 49 selected poems. "Township Productions started with the poetry programme some time ago and has already had one publication to its credit - In search of Questions. The latest anthology consists of 49 selected poems of which 1ǟ
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