• September 22nd, 2018
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Customer Furious after Botched Painting Job

By Lynette Kozosi WINDHOEK Dorado Park resident Jerry Kauapundu accuses Hemco Distributors, a company that deals in paints and based in Windhoek's Southern Industrial Area, of having caused damage to his property in December 2006. "I asked them to paint my sitting room walls after I finished renovating and they painted into a varnished roof causing the varnish to run down onto the painted walls. And when I called to report this to management, they took forever to come and look at the wall," he said. "They told me that it was not their fault and that there was nothing they could do about it. But then whose fault is it? The public needs to be protected against things like this." In an interview with New Era yesterday, Hemco revealed that Kauapundu did in fact buy paint from them and since he did not have the required knowledge, they offered to paint his house for him at a cost. Norma Klosta who deals with house paints at the company told New Era that Kauapundu only complained to them about the damage after some time had passed. "I went there to look at the alleged damage myself, but not immediately because I also had to take care of business at the company. After looking at the damage, I realized that Jerry had put the varnish on ... after we had done the painting, and the varnish ran down onto the paint," she said. According to Gladis, a manager at Hemco, a brother of Kauapundu bought paint from Hemco previously and they had to get him new paint without charge because they sold him the wrong colour paint. "Then it really was our fault that he got the wrong colour paint and it was our duty to make our client happy" he said. He added that Kauapundu wanted to get off without paying what he owed. "He realized that it was his own fault, and he asked me who will pay for the painters but we could not allow that to happen because it was not our fault and that is when he threatened to take us to the newspapers," he said. The amount of N$2 400 was fully paid to Hemco for the work that they did for Kauapundu. Hemco has been in business for the past ten years.
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