• September 22nd, 2018
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Illustration Exhibition Set for Next Week

By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK A picture and children's book illustration exhibition is to be held next Wednesday at the Goethe Zentrum in the capital, it was announced in a press release. In Germany, illustrations are known for their diversity, one of the features that have contributed to their growing success and recognition on an international scale. A number of interesting new artistic approaches have been developed in this area, particularly in the last five years. Illustrators from different generations are using a wide range of individual styles and artistic vocabularies to create works, which appeal to children and adults alike. The aim of this exhibition, which has been jointly organised by the Goethe-Institut and the Troisdorf Bilderbuchmuseum, is to promote contemporary German picture book and children's book illustration internationally. It demonstrates the high standard of work currently being produced and the variety of stylistic approaches. The 13 chosen positions give a fascinating insight into the work of leading German illustrators. Besides internationally renowned figures such as Janosch, Klaus Ensikat or Wolf Erlbruch, the exhibition also features emerging artists whose work reflects current trends in picture book illustration. At the same time, the display reveals the broad spectrum of different techniques employed by artists today. While some illustrators continue to develop traditional forms of graphic art in imaginative and innovative ways, the younger generation of artists above all has begun to explore the new possibilities offered by digital imaging. In order to give viewers a greater appreciation of how the illustrators approach their work, the artists were invited to select five images from a book that means a lot to them and to comment on their choice in a short text. Along with the illustrations themselves, these commentaries throw light on the individual style and creative personality of each contributor. During the exhibition the Goethe-Centre Windhoek will invite learners to readings from the picture books (German) and will also offer a book illustration workshop for young learners from different Windhoek schools.
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