• September 26th, 2018
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Mauling Breaks Fans' Hearts

By Lynette Kozosi WINDHOEK - Diehard Namibian soccer fans and other local supporters are heart-broken following one of the worst ever performances by the national soccer team that was mauled by a huge margin of 5 - 1 by Morocco in the Africa Cup of Nations finals in Ghana. And following this humiliation New Era took to the streets to gauge public opinion. Some Namibians say that there is no hope for the Brave Warriors, others argue Namibians should still show support for the national team despite their loss. This is what local soccer fans had to say on the record defeat, the worst since the soccer extravaganza started three days ago. Nessi Willem "I know that Namibia lost and it was such a disgrace. They should work on whatever it is that went wrong in Ghana and improve their game based on these mistakes. It is not the end of the world; things can change for the better if they are willing." Uzeu Tjipuravandu "The team lost, but we must still keep supporting the team, Winning is not everything sometimes; at least they qualified to the Africa Cup of Nations." Ryno-Vincent Tuamunika "I think the coach was responsible for the Brave Warriors losing, how could he play someone like Kaimbi who is normally a striker and played him as a right back. For me the placing of the players was the problem." Inga Shipanga "I think the Namibian team has really been trying hard and I believe that we will get better and stronger soon." Maria Povanuu "It was disappointing for Namibia to lose the first game. But I'm not going lose hope. I hope we try harder in the upcoming games." Lukas Valungama "Namibia is my country, I feel bad when they lose. "But there is always room for improvement, they should not give up now." Rodger Tjipuravandu "It was very disappointing, Namibia played like they were a second division team. "I will still support them but there is no hope for them for the next game."
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