• September 19th, 2018
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Rhenish Church Zeros In on Corruption

By Lynette Kozosi WINDHOEK The Civil Society Support Program (CSSP) of the Namibia Institute for Democracy (NID) was invited to present a one-day workshop on anti-corruption to church leaders of the Rhenish Church. Reverend Binz who previously attended an anti-corruption seminar of the NID invited the NID. Reverend Strydom of the Council of Churches in Namibia initiated the one-day long workshop, which was attended by 12 church leaders, among them pastors and reverends from the Rhenish Church, at the Hodygos Training Centre close to Okahandja on January 17. The workshop looked at issues such as: what corruption is, the examples and dimensions of corruption, levels of corruption and the roles of the Church in promoting integrity. The workshop participants undertook to take the issue of corruption within their own congregations and communities, hoping to teach people what corruption is and to spread materials about corruption that were provided by the NID. According to the Rhenish Church leaders, the workshop helped them understand their position and ability to respond on behalf of the community against corruption in the outside world and in church. The workshop was funded by the Embassy of Finland, and the NID's presentation was part of the NID Zero Tolerance for Corruption campaign. The campaign is trying to reinforce Namibian efforts to arrest the growing trend of corruption that is being registered in the media and recognised by key stakeholders in Government as well as the private sector and civil society.
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