• September 25th, 2018
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Artists Start Own Art Gallery

By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK In a press release two Namibian artists, John Sampson and Sigi Kolbe, this week announced a mission statement of their planned new art gallery to be known as Galerie Fusion that will officially open its doors on March 3. The two artists are emphatic in the mission statement, which they consider as the only authorised public notice of the establishment of the gallery, pertinently stating: 1. Galerie FUSION is a commercial venture. 2. Galerie FUSION is not a Government initiative nor is it State-funded in any form whatsoever. 3. Galerie FUSION is not a Black Economic Empowerment project (BEE). 4. Galerie FUSION is not aimed at any particular sector of society. 5. Galerie FUSION is owned by Sigi Kolbe (Namibian Citizen), and John Sampson (Namibian citizen). 6. Galerie FUSION was established to promote the interests of Namibian visual artists. 7. Galerie FUSION will promote the integration of all the arts, and fuse the interests of different art forms where necessary. Galerie FUSION was established to cater for certain perceived areas of concern in the Namibian cultural sector and to provide the necessary and relevant services to address these. It is the intention of Galerie FUSION to provide full professional services in the gallery sector run on internationally accepted standards, fusing the promotion of Namibian visual art with works from abroad. The intention is that such a platform will create a suitable environment for local art practitioners to measure themselves against artists internationally as a necessary step towards marketing, promotion and involvement in all sectors of the art market(s) locally, regionally and internationally. Galerie FUSION will focus strongly on young Namibian artists with particular emphasis on generational aspirations. Galerie Fusion will NOT target or focus on any particular group or grouping, and its facilities will be available to all Namibian citizens, AND non-Namibians who are in Namibia under legal status. Galerie FUSION will provide facilities for exhibiting visual artworks as its primary function, but it will also make provision for the following: 1. Classes in Elementary Drawing. 2. Classes in Advanced Drawing. 3. Classes in Beginners Painting. 4. Master Classes in Painting. Galerie FUSION will undertake the promotion and marketing of Namibian art locally, regionally and internationally and it will, together with its various partners, foreign missions, and sponsors, engage with institutions, corporations, residencies and other entities locally, regionally and internationally, relevant to the sector, in order to advance the cause and quality of Namibian art generally, and to create opportunities for Namibians to interact with institutions beyond the national borders of Namibia where possible. Galerie FUSION accepts the fact that visual art needs to be part of and involved in the greater cultural arena of Namibia and will seek at all times through its different programs to engage with and in all other arts forms as a means of fusing and synergizing the activities and interests of individuals and groups within the Namibian cultural sector. Galerie FUSION issues an open invitation to all individuals and groups to enter into meaningful dialogue with it for the advancement of arts across all sectors of the cultural arena.
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