• September 21st, 2018
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Kandetu Explains NBC's Case

By Anna Ingwafa OSHAKATI The Director-General of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) Bob Kandetu has reacted to criticism that the institution favours certain social and political formations that allegedly get more airtime. Speaking at NBC Oshakati, Kandetu said at independence Namibia made a number of undertakings, central of which was to draw a circle that excludes no one who wanted to stay in Namibia and was desirous to participate in the reconstruction of the nation state and reconciliation. Another undertaking was to develop the law of the land of Namibia, that would among other things, guarantee civil liberties for all in Namibia. These undertakings, according to Kandetu, guarantee freedoms such as the freedom of expression and the right of association. He explained that these undertakings explicate why even civil servants participate in the act of political leadership through for example their election to town and municipal councils and in the actual leadership structures of various political parties. "Our obligation is to cover all social, political and other events and to do so fairly within the realm of human possibility and should we fail to do so, it must be because of our limited capabilities. "Should the beneficiaries of our services feel done in and thereby suspect deliberate intentions on our part, the best model is to confront us formally within the framework of consultation and mutuality, not by calling out names in the public view," fumed Kandetu. He said the NBC would continue to be all-inclusive when rendering its services to the nation, in conformity with the country's law. Where shortcomings show according to Kandetu, they expect guidance from the nation, in particular from those who are or must necessarily be the custodians of the constitution. "These are the members of the national Parliament, political parties, civic associations, the church movement, the media, academic institutions and all other social formations in our land of the brave." He said when he assumed duty at the NBC in 2006, he paid a courtesy visit to all the editors of all media institutions as well as political institutions, to introduce himself and that exercise, Kandetu said, yielded important results.
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