• September 25th, 2018
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RiZZY Releases Second Album

NEARLY two years since the release of his debut offering Efimbo Olafika, RiZZY returns with his long-overdue sophomore album The Crowning. The Crowning is a 50/50 collaborative partnership deal between Krazzy-E! RV INC. RiZZY boldly stated that this album is more traditionally Namibian, a lot of work went into it, and when he was working on it he did it with everyone in mind. "There is something for everyone, from Gobabis to Walvis Bay, from Oshikango to Oranjemund." Additionally, it features star performances and production from Namibia's Best Artists and Best Producers respectively. RiZZY, a son of the liberation struggle, states that it wasn't easy growing up as a returnee. "I felt marginalised, being called names. I am glad to have overcome the most difficult times in my life and now I can do music for the Namibian people. I am proud to have been a part of our long and protracted struggle for independence from the South African Apartheid regime and the Germans. The war is long over; let us fight for economic emancipation." According to Krazzy-E!/RV, RiZZY's new album comes at a time when the music industry is stagnant and in need of brand new ideas. The Crowning fills that void with its collaborative power, which is demonstrated through vocal performances by Stravo, Arthur, Tequila, Lischen, and production genius of Mufaro, Stalin, Impact (The brain behind "Tsipi Tsipi"), Dj Ex ("The Dj with the Hottest House Track out right now"), Cox, MK and Nob. RiZZY's first album was commercially successful. Among many things it managed to get two Channel O Number One Chat Toppers for his videos "Down and Under" and most recently "Nakaye". I am quite excited about my achievements with my first album. I am expecting more success with this new album. RiZZY's second single of The Crowning "Kgomampe Featuring Ole and Rata" has already been getting unprecedented radio rotation across the country. "People on the streets are quite excited and impressed my new musical direction. I am at my best and I feel like Frankie in 1992" said RiZZY. Ultimately, RiZZY is destined for greater things with this new offering.According to Executive Producers Mufaro Nesongano (Krazzy-E!) and Stalin Kapembe (RV INC), "This album is nothing but the best. We are looking forward to a lot of exciting things this year, like the launch of the KiNG and QUiN clothing range - "Dress like a KiNG, Dress like a QUiN why dress any less". The album is expected to be released by the end of this month. A media and public launch will follow thereafter."
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