• September 19th, 2018
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Namibia, China Strengthen Cooperation

By Catherine Sasman WINDHOEK The Chinese Government gave the Namibian Government a grant of RMB Yuan 20 million to build two rural schools in the Omuthiya and Tsumkwe areas. The Namibian Government has chosen the localities for the schools, with the Chinese completing the design of the two schools. The new Chinese Ambassador to Namibia, Ren Xiaoping, said her government would also give a RMB Yuan 30 million interest-free loan to its Namibian counterpart to go towards specific projects still to be discussed. The Chinese will similarly give the Namibian Government a N$1 billion preferential loan, and extend a US$100 million credit line to the Government's commercial agencies. Signing the agreement on behalf of the Namibian Government on Friday, National Planning Commission Director Helmuth Angula said some of the money would go towards the building of a rural hospital with a capacity of 60 beds. Other projects likely to benefit from the cooperation are the irrigation project at the National Youth Development Centre of the National Youth Council and the completion of the northern railway line. The two governments also signed exchange letters that deal with the dispatch of a Chinese expert team to Namibia to conduct a feasibility study on the Agricultural Project of Ndonga Linena in the Kavango Region.
2008-01-28 00:00:00 10 years ago
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