• September 20th, 2018
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Kamburona Resigns from DTA

By Kuvee Kangueehi Windhoek DTA of Namibia stalwart and secretary for administration, Rudolf Kamburona, on Monday morning resigned from the party with immediate effect. The former parliamentarian tendered his resignation to the party president Katuu-tire Kaura, in a letter dated January 28. In the letter, Kamburona thanked the entire party leadership and the general membership for support and guidance during his stay with the party. Contacted for comment, Kamburona said he resigned because he wants to concentrate on farming. He feels he has played his part in Namibian politics. Kamburona said he has served the DTA for 32 years in various capacities from being a secretary of the youth wing to a member of the National Assembly and currently secretary for administration. He dismissed speculation that he is leaving the DTA to join the Rally for Democracy and Progress, adding that he has no intention of joining any other party and is quitting active politics. Kaura refused to comment on Kamburona's resignation and said he will not utter a word on the matter - not now or in future. Kaura gave no specific reason why he does not want to comment on the issue and said he is simply exercising his democratic right. However, a party insider claims that Kamburona's resignation was caused by frustrations with some party members. The insider noted that some party members are not happy with Kaura's autocratic leadership style. The source added that Kaura does not allow anyone to question his decisions and once a person differs with him on issues, he sidelines the individual and treats them with disrespect while giving important assignments to junior party members. Citing an example, the source noted that the party is expected to hold a Central Committee meeting after March, but so far no consultations have taken place. The source said Kaura will "wake up one morning and set the date himself".
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