• September 19th, 2018
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Pohamba Urges Getting Rid of Bad Apples

By Kuvee Kangueehi Windhoek President of Swapo Party Hifikepunye Pohamba said the party must take all necessary measures to identify and rid the party of any divisive elements who are only interested in promoting their own selfish narrow interests at the expense of the party. Pohamba made the call on Sunday when he officially opened the 2nd Central Committee meeting following the party's 4th Ordinary Congress at the end of last year. Pohamba urged all the members of the Central Committee to join hands and to continue to work with a clear sense of purpose and direction so that Swapo can realize the full development and economic potential of the country. He noted that the Central Committee is an important organ in the party's machinery as it is charged with important duties in the party's constitution. "We must harness the collective wisdom of this body to promote the well-being of our people and take our country to greater heights of prosperity." Pohamba said the Central Committee must work to add increased momentum to the implementation of the party's resolution and policies. "Let us deliberate on the possible implementation options with clear and lucid minds." Pohamba further urged all members to continue to speak openly and analyse objectively and realistically, as it is the only way that pragmatism and objectivity can triumph over indifference and subjectivity. He said to achieve noble goals requires party members to close their ranks and solidify unity of the party and the nation at large. Pohamba informed the Central Committee that the implementation of the Third National Development Plan (NDP3) will start in earnest in the 2008/2009 Financial Year and it will be the main focus of the new budget. He said the successful implementation of the NDPs would take the country a long way towards the achievement of the objectives as outlined in Vision 2030. He noted that the national development plans represent the framework for Namibia's development and they articulate a clear vision that will enable the party to take the country forward. Pohamba said the resolutions of the recent Swapo Party congress should be seen as an expression of the resolve to add momentum to the action of taking the development agenda forward. Pohamba spoke about the drought situation in the country and said the matter is a source of concern for the Government. He noted that due to delayed rains many people have lost livestock as grazing and water became scarce. He added that although rains have fallen widely across Namibia in recent weeks, the impact of drought would be heavily felt by communities as well as at household level. Pohamba called upon regional authorities to compile information reports in order to determine the extent of assistance that will be required to help the people who are affected. The Swapo Party president said he hoped that good rains would continue to fall so that people can start to cultivate their fields and enable grazing to recover.
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