• September 20th, 2018
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Company Sponsors Reading Culture

By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK Shell Namibia is committed to looking for appropriate ways to contribute to the general wellbeing of the community and the broader society that grant it its licence to operate, said the company's external affairs officer on Monday. Mona-Liza Garises was speaking at the launch of the 'Writing by Kids' education project, which her company co-sponsored. "Today Namibia faces a range of challenges, the most pressing being persistent poverty and inequality, provision of education, environmental degradation and the spread of HIV/Aids. Addressing these challenges requires understanding and collaboration between different sectors of society," Garises said. In her view there is increasing pressure for corporate social responsibility recognizing the way a company impacts on the society in which it operates. "Social responsibility requires changing unacceptable behaviour effectively. We are proud that Shell shows that we are truly committed towards making a difference, encouraging by example the way to pursue good governance and embrace social responsibility programmes into business dealings and beyond," she said. The Writing by Kids Project is an initiative focusing on orphans and vulnerable children most often overlooked. "We are proud to have been a partner and congratulate all role-players, especially the children, who wrote stories and those who made the launch of the book a success," she said.
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