• September 22nd, 2018
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Don't Smear Us, We're Swapo's

Herewith our solemn confirmation that we are Swapo Party members. We have never joined or attempted to join any other opposition political party for that matter. We have never given any indication to anybody, verbally or in writing, that we are planning to join any political party. The current rumours linking us to any other opposition party is malicious, baseless and devoid of any truth. It is nothing but an extension of well-documented attempts to smear our names, and to try and get rid of us from the party structures by desperate politicians who are past their sell-by dates in our constituency. It is nothing but the Hardap regional coordinator's desperate attempt to settle personal scores, and a vain attempt to create premature vacancies by his office for his otherwise useless and unpopular blood brothers in the Rehoboth East Constituency. We have an impeccable record in dealing with the party affairs. In 2004, we were labelled CoD supporters, and people were made to believe that we were unpopular. The election results have however done the talking for us. SWAPO was at the knife-edge of a dangerous ethnic split fuelled by the previous party leaders in this constituency, and we were heading for an election defeat until we stepped into help the party. SWAPO's election victories in Rehoboth coincide with our arrival on the active political scene. There is no question that we have the masses behind us. It is why the regional coordinator and his colleagues tried to recall elections three times to try and oust the district coordinator, but to no avail. Even the structures he has put into place himself cannot do the job for him, because the people in this constituency look up to us as leaders. It is the later-comer "comrades" and other incompetent opportunists who are posing as fanatic Swapo loyalist s in the day, and holding meetings with other political parties' at night. There are regional executives whose names can be linked to his treachery, but they are Nico Mugenga's friends. We have, at our disposal, near-perfect evidence that some of them are even recruiting people for other political parties. We have reported this to the relevant institutions, and our reports have even prompted investigations to that effect. We are confident that some findings are positive to a satisfactory degree. There are rumours of a Nama political movement in the process of being registered, and that it is spearheaded in the Hardap Region. It is happening right under Nico Mugenga's nose. What is he doing about that? The regional coordinator and some of his executive members are not carrying the party's interests at heart and as a priority, but instead are destroying the party. We take this platform to reject all allegations regarding our actions with the contempt they deserve. Finally, the regional coordinator can rest assured that this is the beginning of a long and bitter struggle with him to have our names and reputations cleared once and for all. We do not take his harassments and false labelling lightly. - Edward Alfred Wambo Regional Councillor, Rehoboth East Constituency 0812069920 - Willie Isaskar Swartz District Coordinator Swapo Party Rehoboth East
2008-02-05 00:00:00 10 years ago
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