• September 26th, 2018
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Escapees Re-Arrested, Woman Raped

By Anna Shilongo WINDHOEK Three trial-awaiting prisoners who escaped from lawful custody from the Okahao police holding cells a week ago were re-arrested at Onawa village in Anamulenge constituency early last week. The three have been identified as Malakia Andreas Ankonga (23), Jason Petrus (20) and eighteen-year- old Ndezapo Ndeyamunye. Petrus and Ndeyamunye are reported to be Angolan nationals. They were arrested on the same day at Onawa village, while Ankonga, a Namibian, was arrested at Omagongondjamba village in the Ogongo constituency. The escapees have been in prison since late last year, and their cases include housebreaking, theft and stock theft. According to police public relations officer Warrant-Officer Kauna Shikwambi the three escapees were arrested with the public's help. Shikwambi said they apparently hid themselves inside a compartment within the vicinity of the cells during their feeding hours before they escaped. "They broke the padlock of the kitchen door with an unknown object, jumped over the wall and ran away," she explained. The three were all charged with escape from lawful custody and appeared before the magistrate's court. Meanwhile, in other crime reports a 26-year -old man beat a 21-year-old woman with his fists at Omedhi and stabbed her with a knife in her right arm before allegedly raping the victim. The suspect was arrested and police investigations continue. At Ohilunga village, Omuntele area, an unknown man was allegedly shot and killed by a police officer after he entered the house of the officer. The deceased was apparently requested to identify himself but he refused to say a word and kept moving closer to the officer. The officer fired a warning shot but there was no reaction from the deceased. His next of kin are yet to be informed.
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