• September 25th, 2018
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Rain Brings Problems for Learners

By Anna Ingwafa Oshakati The rains are normally well appreciated in the northern part of Namibia and everywhere else in the country, but at the moment they are creating complications for primary school children. Learners and teachers at Amutanga Combined School in Oshana Region are finding it difficult to get to their school due to heavy flooding in the area. Children have to cross the streams with water that comes up to the waist for the taller ones, and up to the chest for the others. School principal Theobald Amushila told New Era yesterday that they have to start classes late as they wait for the arrival of some learners who are delayed as they try to cross the streams. He said children want to come to school but find it difficult due to the non-stop rains. According to Amushila, some learners arrive at school wet, they catch a cold and have difficulty in concentrating, which places a burden on the teachers. He urged parents to escort their children to school and dress them in warm clothes such as jerseys and provide them with umbrellas to protect them from the rain. Parents are also expected to wait for their children on their way back from school. He made a plea to the parents to caution their children to stay away from swimming to avoid drowning and near-drowning. The problem of water does not affect learners only, but teachers are suffering too. Amushila explained that some teachers who do have cars have to leave their cars far from school to cross the water on foot. Another school that has the same problem is Okatana Combined School. Learners that come from eastern villages like Omayanga, Onawa, Omatando and Omusheshe are struggling to get to school because of the water. According to some learners, some of their young brothers and sisters have to stay away from school because they are unable to cross the water. The rains have been pouring down heavily in Oshakati and surrounding areas for the past three days.
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