• September 23rd, 2018
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Girlfriend Murder Suspect Faces Judgement

By Anna Shilongo WINDHOEK Twenty-nine-year-old Morris Mazila Sibitwani, who is alleged to have murdered his 20-year-old girlfriend at Katima Mulilo on April 19, 2003 made another appearance in the High Court yesterday. Sibitwani was supposed to face judgement yesterday but Acting Justice Annel Silungwe remanded his case to March 18, 2008 for judgement, adding that the written submission that was made by his defence counsel, Titus Mbaeva, was incomplete. "This case will not be judged today, this is for hearing not for judgment," said Justice Silungwe. But Mbaeva told the court that they had settled their side and that there would be no more submissions or witnesses. Sibitwani, who faces a charge of murder, was arrested on April 20, 2003, at a village some 50 km south of Katima Mulilo. Since then he has remained in police custody. At the time of his arrest four years ago, Sibitwani was found with a letter in his pants' pocket that said: "I love the girl very much. If she had died I would kill myself. I don't see the use to suffer in prison," the court was told, but Sibitwani, who pleaded not guilty when his trial started, denied that he ever wrote such a letter. He is accused of killing Happy Mulela Kabajani by stabbing her with a knife more than 10 times. Kabajani was found lying dead along a footpath at Katima Mulilo with stab wounds all over her body. A letter alleged to have been written by Kabajani, addressed to " Mazila", was found in a handbag that lay next to Kabajani's body. It said: "I don't see the use to pretend when I no longer have feelings for you," the court was told during the last proceedings last year. It is alleged that Kabajani had left her mother's house in Sibitwani's company earlier that morning. He was the last person seen with Kabajani. The relationship between the two was going through hard times, according to testimony presented before Acting Judge Silungwe during the last stretch of the trial last year.
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