• September 19th, 2018
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Police Honoured for Decade of Service

By Anna Ingwafa OSHAKATI The police in the Oshana Region who have served the force for ten years have been bestowed with honour. More than 20 policeman and women received their medals from Oshana Regional Commander Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa. Oshana Regional Governor Clemens Kashuupulwa officiated at the parade to honour the long-serving members of the force. Beneficiaries of the long-service award were expected to be many but due to the prevailing floods, some of the officers could not make it as they were rendering services to those affected by floods. Others were on crime-prevention missions. Kashuupulwa told the recipients that the medals should serve as an inspiration to work hard. He said they should spare no effort in ensuring criminals are removed from the Oshana Region. He added that the police force is there to maintain internal security and it requires dedicated, hardworking and highly disciplined police officers. Thus, the awards were being given them for their unwavering patriotism in pursuing the police aims and objectives of maintaining law and order and the prevention of crime. He commended the Oshana police for containing crime and road accidents during the festive season. "Crime in Oshana Region has declined over the past few months, whilst over the past festive season, the police managed to reduce road accident fatalities from 102 accidents which claimed 34 lives during the previous year's festive season, to 88 accidents which claimed 14 lives only." Kashuupulwa urged the community to cooperate with police officers, render them support and assist in the fight against crime. He noted that criminals are from within communities. It is these communities that harbour and feed them. He said communities should work with the police by providing intelligence and information. He said the police alone cannot fight crime unless the community or the public at large fully assist and complement police efforts. The governor expressed disappointment over the incident that took place in Omuthiya during the Swapo campaign rally, where a man was shot after stabbing a policewoman in the stomach. The man later died in hospital. Kashuupulwa said the police officers are there to uphold law and order and members of the public should stop attacking police officers.
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