• September 24th, 2018
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Adios to Winning Estate Agents

By Staff Writer On Monday February 4 at the launch of the new home loan campaign by Standard Bank at the Windhoek Country Club Resort and Casino, the bank at the same time bade farewell to winning estate agents, as they were getting ready to depart for Argentina. Lisa Engels, Naomi van Tonder, Stefan Loftie-Eaton, Jacky Hoff and Lona van Wyk solicited N$12 million to Standard Bank individually during the period of October 1 2006 - September 30 2007. This has earned them a trip to Argentina which will include Buenos Aires, Bariloche and Iguazzo. Penny Jansen from the bank's Home Loan Department is accompanying the estate agents on their trip from February 5 - 15 2008. "When the destination and the winners were announced at the big event in November 2007 I was very pleasantly surprised as I have never been to Argentina. I love winning - who does not - but to me winning still remains a huge privilege as not many people get the opportunities that I have gotten already, and I am very thankful. I am extremely excited and look forward to it," said Lisa Engels, who has always been a winning agent with Standard Bank. Stefan Loftie-Eaton added that he had been in Argentina in 1987 when he played rugby there but is still looking forward to this bonus holiday. He will be taking his fianc??????'??
2008-02-13 00:00:00 10 years ago
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