• September 19th, 2018
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Mbanderu Story a Distortion

THE New Era story (31st January 2008) Headlined 'Late Chief Son's Behaviour Shocks Mbanderu' is devoid of truth, and is distortion and serious misrepresentation of facts. It is aimed at discrediting and tarnishing the image, credibility and reputation of the name of the late Chief's son. The truth of the matter is that Keharanjo went back to Ezorongondo on Saturday, 26th January 2008 to set his feet first at the village as a sign of respect to his late father and also in conformity with the custom and tradition. This decision first to go home was taken at the advice of the family since he initially wanted to register and proceed to the village. On Saturday after a brief meeting with the family, he informed them that on Monday, 28th January 2008 he should be in Windhoek for purpose of registering on-line with the University of the Western Cape (UWC) since it was the last day of registration. Consequently, he had to leave for Windhoek on Sunday, 27th January 2008. It is not known which custom rituals Keharanjo had to attend which otherwise would have been brought to his attention when he said he was leaving to Windhoek for the purpose mentioned above. The involvement of the so-called Mbanderu spokesperson Ngahahe Tjiposa in Nguvauva family related matters is bringing confusion in the equation. If this matter needed the involvement of the whole Mbanderu Community, surely everybody would have known this since he is not the only Mbanderu who has exclusive monopoly of Mbanderu affairs. What is known is that there are no significant custom rituals that are performed on Sundays. The Mbanderu were not shocked by his decision to come and register since the qualification he intends to pursue will add value to Mbanderu in particular and Namibia in general more especially in the area of customary and modern law as he explicitly said at the funeral on Saturday, 26th January 2008. If you doubt the above version, the honourable thing is to contact Keharanjo at Ezorongondo for confirmation. Mbanderu Members of Public
2008-02-13 00:00:00 10 years ago
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