• September 26th, 2018
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Angolan Flood Victims Get Namibian Help

By William J.Mbangula ONDJIWA, Angola Flood victims in and around Ondjiwa received a donation of blankets, washing powder, soap, food and mosquito nets from Oshakati-based businessman Ben Hauwanga worth close to N$15 000. Speaking at the donation ceremony attended by a number of Angolan dignitaries and Governor of Oshana Clemens Kashuupulwa, Hauwanga said the flood problem should not be seen as the responsibility of the governments of Angola and Namibia alone, but rather as that of the business people of both countries. Hauwanga, who has built himself a businesses empire in both Namibia and Angola, also made a similar donation to Namibian victims of heavy rains and floods recently worth about N$10 000. The donation to Angolan flood victims include among others 100 bags of maize meal, 60 blankets, 20 mosquito nets and three boxes of washing powder. "I am making this donation because the victims are my clients. I thought to plough back the profit I have made in my business to help my clients. At the same time I am doing this to consolidate the working relations between the Angolan and Namibian business communities and their governments," he said. Receiving the donation, Angolan Consul General in Oshakati Joao Gaspaar lauded the cooperation and solidarity shown by the Namibian business community and the Government of Namibia. He said the assistance is a reflection of the business community's desire to help and support the governments of the two countries in order to deal with the challenges resulting from floods. In Oshakati, he noted, 15 Angolans were affected by the floods and he was happy that they were also part of the people who were assisted by the Namibian Government and the business community. For Hauwanga to go an extra mile helping Angolan flood victims in the Cunene Province, said Gaspaar, is something that is appreciated. Speaking at the same occasion Oshana Governor Clemens Kashuupulwa expressed solidarity with the Angolan population who are facing floods. He noted that the same situation prevails across the border in Namibia as much of the water flowing from Angola ends up in Namibia. "I am happy that business people such as Hauwanga have come up with the idea of helping flood victims on both sides of the borders of the two countries. This will consolidate and advance the existing good relations between the two countries." Ondjiva town, which is located about 40 kilometres from the Namibian border, experienced heavy rainfall recently which according to the Deputy Governor of Cunene Province Jeronimo Haleinge was last seen in 1954. Haleinge, who also appreciated the donation made by the Namibian businessman, said that it had come at the right time, adding that most of Angola is affected by heavy rainfall and floods hence Ondjiva town is heavily flooded . The other areas affected are Xangongo, Onghumbi, Uukwangali, Evale, Cuvelai, Cahama and Kapuluvale. The deputy governor confirmed two deaths as a result of flooding. About 10 000 people are affected by the floods in and around Ondjiva, and some of them have been relocated to the trade fair ground. Following the seriousness of the flood, a delegation from Luanda visited Ondjiva recently to assess the effect of the natural disaster.
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