• September 25th, 2018
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Let's Learn from the Chinese

Africa has lagged behind all the continents in the world. In fact, before the arrival of the colonialists, Africa was progressing but at her own pace. Unfortunately, Africa's development was disrupted with the invasion of the colonialists from Europe. Ever since, Africa has stagnated. European cultural imperialism has been enforced and has taken root. There are of course those who have succeeded to shed mental colonialism and there are those too who because of the remoteness of their areas and being far away from 'civilization', etc., have not had their minds that contaminated. Others have been conscientised . Unfortunately some of our people are still proudly entertaining the brain-washed mentality. It is crystal clear that Africa has been held hostage by those who do not want us to progress. They are still fighting hard to keep us in cultural bondage, openly denying us their technology, continuing to exploit our economic resources and on top of that having started ripping off our human resources. Africans who are refusing to succumb to the pressure of neo-colonialism have been blacklisted, are being vilified and called all sorts of names such as dictators, autocrats and have their economies sabotaged and sanctions imposed on them. These colonisers have never been our friends. Our true friends and friends indeed are those who stood by us during our most difficult times and today in our times of need are still assisting us as true friends, and as peace lovers and promoters of progress for all. Amongst these friends are the people of China, the People's Republic of China. The NBC strike has provoked my contribution in the form of this letter. With the total blackout of NBC programmes, Chinese programmes have been screened on our TVs instead. For development and progress-minded people, these programmes were useful, interesting, educative and of course excellent. It was interesting to look at how the Chinese people and government responded to the snow calamity and to watch other educative programmes. It was a pity to listen to some of our people who responded by stating that the screening of the Chinese programmes was a waste of time. What a pity. For those who have followed the history of China, China was also just like us held hostage by Imperial Japan. China fought heroically and succeeded to deny Imperial Japanese attempts to colonise it. After the formation of the People's Republic of China by the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China and the inspiration by its chairman, Comrade Mao, the Chinese people never looked back. Development and progress has been their word of reference. I wish that we Africans could do the same. The People's Republic of China has developed to the extent that it has become a thorn in the flesh of some highly developed nations. China has become an economic threat to some superpowers. Chinese pumping of its products into countries such as the United States is so enormous that the US itself is complaining of the so-called dumping despite the fact that they cannot do without the very same Chinese products. Now, why don't we learn from these great people and emulate them. Why don't we open our eyes. Why should we cry for missing Western soapies which are not teaching us anything but contaminating our minds with movies where violence and other vices are being glorified? It is lamentable to read about one Eurocentric paper owner in Namibia stating that the Chinese programmes were low and never missed. What a fallacy. What else do you expect from such a person who is one of those together with her own kind complaining about the so-called influx of Chinese in Namibia but who do not say a single word about a large number of people of European origin in Namibia? People of Namibia, let us wake up and open our eyes. Let us appreciate what the people of China are doing for us. Let us welcome and emulate them in their efforts and determination to develop their country and their people. Easy-By yaW
2008-02-15 00:00:00 10 years ago
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