• September 21st, 2018
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Swapo Party Was Hoodwinked

REACTION towards what has been transpiring in the Swapo Party in Katima Mulilo or Caprivi since December 2007: I have learnt with a bit of concern what is happening in the Caprivi. How can a few individuals hold the party to ransom, meaning that if Mwilima was not given the governorship of the region, the four councillors and I assume the current co-ordinator would have joined RDP. For us, that is the writing on the wall and Swapo Party and its various structures have been woodwinked into succumbing to a threat which sets a very bad precedent for the party. Will they ever discipline any party member for any misdeeds because so far, we await the disciplinary measures which seem to have stalled. Do you think the four councillors will ever toe the line after their victory. They are claiming that they bulldozed their way and nothing will be done to them. Reading between the lines, the party should desist from directives because they serve no purpose, because it is a waste of both the paper it is written on and also wastage of the time for those who deliberate on these functionless directives. How do four individuals hold the whole party to ransom? If I had the final say, I would rather have a few members who are disciplined. The Nyamu notes are at play here, what majority do the four claim to have? Just look at or add their overall total for all the constituencies they represent. The total for all the four do not surpass the two remaining constituencies. Analyse the regional results of 2004. A leopard will never change its colour. A question to the Swapo Party: if RDP wins in the constituencies and the four defect, the Swapo Party should not regret their miscalculation. Their move was calculated just like in a chess game. They got advice to break the directive which for me is the primary issue and they checkmated Swapo dubiously. The regional act is a secondary issue here. A precedent has been set in the Caprivi because no one is going to be called to order by the current Swapo coordinator because one has a feeling he conspired with the clique of four. And when is he resigning from the Ministry of Health? Concerned Swapo Member and Activist.
2008-02-15 00:00:00 10 years ago
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