• September 19th, 2018
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Kaura Falls Out of Favour

By Kuvee Kangueehi Windhoek Pressure is mounting on the president of DTA, Katuutire Kaura, not to stand for re-election at the party's upcoming central committee meeting. Yesterday morning, a party organiser in the Kavango Region, Vincent Kanyetu, announced on the national radio that DTA members in the Kavango do not want Kaura to stand for re-election. This is the second time in two weeks that party members have demanded that Kaura steps down at the upcoming central committee meeting. A group of DTA members wrote a petition to the national radio calling for Kaura and his leadership to put his house in order or leave the office. Following the radio announcement yesterday morning, the DTA secretary general, Alois Gende, immediately issued a media statement expressing shock and disappointment with Kanyetu's statement. Gende who also hails from the Kavango Region said the statement is devoid of any truth because there was no such meeting in the whole of Kavango where such a decision was taken. A clearly angry Gende said the party would take disciplinary action against Kanyetu as soon as possible. "I want to state unequivocally that anyone who is paid by the party and is undermining the interest of the party will face proper disciplinary steps with immediate effect." Gende said DTA will not be used as a political ball game by those who think they can get away with murder. The secretary general said proper disciplinary steps will be taken against the culprit and urged DTA supporters to remain calm and not be upset by those small-minded politicians. Gende, however, admitted that Kanyetu is not alone but he is with a group of people within the party that is making these demands for Kaura not to stand for re-election. Gende said this group supports a certain individual within the party but they should not use the media as a campaign tool. "The party has structures and if the group wants a certain individual they should mobilise the right people in the specific structures but not destabilise the party." Gende noted that he believes that this group of people is campaigning for the former secretary general, McHenry Venaani, for the presidency. He said Venaani contested for the position and lost on March 12, 2005 and accepted the defeat but the people who campaigned for him never stopped. Gende further noted that the DTA is a multi-ethnic party and does not belong to a single ethnic group. "Why only Kaura or Venaani, what about Gende or Moongo?" Gende stated that he has no problem with Kaura continuing because good leaders such as Sam Nujoma and Fidel Castro from Cuba have led their respective parties for close to five decades. "Why should Kaura not continue if he is a good leader? We will not take drastic steps to destroy the party." Gende revealed that an executive meeting, which takes place on March 18, would determine the date for the central committee meeting. Meanwhile, the DTA will advertise the position of administrative secretary, which fell vacant following Rudolf Kamburona's resignation from the party.
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