• September 21st, 2018
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Book Review - 'National Monuments in Namibia'

By Peter Mietzner The author, Dr Andreas Vogt, has a successful series in one of Namibia's newspapers on various aspects mentioned in this book, but ... and there is a big but! Should you wait that long? No, go and get the book now, immediately! It WILL be worth having. I am supposed to know most of the history of my country and yet, every now and then, Vogt put me and my supposed knowledge to shame. There are so many nuances in this book that it will provide something for everybody. Actually, I am somehow angry with the author! Why? Because he cost me a pretty penny and more hours than I would want to count! Are the expense and the time worth it? Oh, yes, indeed! It is not often that this family drives around dusty tracks and nearly-there 'roads' or actually stops on the highway to turn off to go and see something which Vogt describes as a monument but may, in reality, be nothing more than a heap of stones or something that may once have been a wall. This is where some of the shame sets in, too. Looking at the sorry remnants of, for instance, the prisoner of war camp near Aus - on one of my journeys to L??????'??
2008-02-22 00:00:00 10 years ago
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