• September 23rd, 2018
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Sorry Ngo

A Social Commentary Thank You NamPower John Ekongo I HAVE to say this and from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much NamPower - honestly, thank you. I have to thank these guys for having partially taken me back to my childhood, largely due to these load-shedding issues. Now with my old lady, she never parted ways with her old trusted, but never disappointing "Eveready battery-powered Omega wireless". One time, we had to replace it with a newer and much more with the time radio set, but she apparently, according to my sister, poured Rooibos tea over it. I am sure she never loved the damn contraption more than she did her Omega wireless. The old lady never misses her favourite notices programme on NBC Oshiwanmbo service, namely "Lungada namushela wokengula" with culprit veteran radio anchors Maria Maria and Angula Pohamba. Now this programme is meant for those that wake up early and get informed about new developments in the country. Now with NamPower announcing its doom of darkness or as they so eloquently want to put it "load-shedding", granny got wind of the message from her trusted companions. That it means we must be ready, as electricity will be finished in the country. The old lady like all other grannies, has this affinity for not throwing things away, no matter how extinct, relic or looks like it belongs in the Alte Feste. I discovered this when I visited home. I was tired and craving for a cup of coffee and solid brown bread with Rama margarine, only to realise that the electric kettle is not allowed to operate in her house, given the new situation of electricity in the country. Instead, I must get hot water from the already boiled water from the thermos flasks or 'thermus'. The ones in red and black checked stripe, the rather imposing ones, I still remember those. She had to dig it out from her storage and comments that it was a gift from her Missies, now the last time the old lady was employed was way before I could even breathe oxygen - now you can imagine the miles that the thermos has done. Supper was prepared on her number 3 Cadac gas cylinder. Now when we used to 'bak vetkoek' I hated going to fill up the damn metal container, it was a stretch walking all the way to Afrox, if unlucky another three kilometres to Cymot. Mind you, you still had to walk all the way back from town to the location with a loaded heavy thing full of petroleum gas. As far as granny was concerned, saving electricity was the norm and she made it clear that the kids must toe the line or boot out. I told granny I did my part when I was young this time I am sorry, I skip. Now I had toed along when I was little and doing that for the second time, is like murder, so rather I cut my weekend short and got back to Windhoek. The idea of taking a shower in those blacksmiths' hand-made silver metal bathtubs was enough to spur my mind to the comfort of a sprouting showerhead back home. Therefore, I said thank you NamPower for having cut my visit short at home, but most of all thanks for at least having made me relive my childhood memories. Please do something about load-shedding before my old lady goes crazy and introduces electricity and water rationing at home. On the other hand, if an old lady can be ingenious and save on electricity, I say guys let's give NamPower a chance. As for NamWater, you guys don't even think about it. You received plenty of rains and you actually ought to give us specials. Just like Shoprite does "when it is plenty Shoprite puts on a sale, so come on guys, you owe us. Otherwise, Sorry Ngo.
2008-02-22 00:00:00 10 years ago
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