• September 24th, 2018
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New Medical Facilities for Omuthiya

By Kuvee Kangueehi OMUTHIYA President Hifikepunye Pohamba has revealed that Government is planning to build a new hospital with a capacity of 60 beds at Omuthiya. Addressing a Swapo Party public meeting at Omuthiya on Saturday, Pohamba said the construction site has already been handed over to constructors and the complex will also include a primary health care clinic to offer the people better health care. The President said the Ministry of Health and Social Services will also establish a regional office at the town in order to improve the administration of health care programmes as well as health care delivery. He noted that the building of hospitals and clinics would complement the existing infrastructure and cater for the growing population at the town. The President said the upcoming local authority elections are significant and shows the commitment of the Swapo Party Government to bring government closer to the people. "The elections demonstrate our commitment to bring social and economic development to the people and reflect the success of our policy of developing new towns in different parts of the country." He noted that the local authority elections at Omuthiya follow hot on the heels of local authority elections at Nkurenkuru late last year. This is an indication that the Swapo Party is serious about the development of the country. He said the ruling party has a proven track record of implementation of socio-economic development policies. "While others are making empty and unrealistic promises, we are demonstrating in a practical manner that our policies can work." Pohamba strongly defended the construction of the northern railway line. Some politicians are demonstrating their short-sightedness by levelling unfounded criticisms against successful national policies such as the Northern Railway Extension Project, he said. He said this project holds immense benefit not only for the people who live in the northern part of Namibia but also for the entire country. "I must point out that our development projects are not only restricted to Namibia but they also have a regional and continental dimension, and it is for this reason that we talk of the Walvis Bay-Maputo Corridor, Walvis Bay-Ndola-Lumumbashi Corridor and Windhoek Luanda Corridor." He said for the residents of Omuthiya and for travellers, the new railway line will provide benefits and will make it easier for people to travel to and from Omuthiya via the new train station at the town. He added that both business and residents would be able to transport goods by train to and from the town. "This is an expanding and growing town, as such, there is a need to transport construction materials such as cement, bricks, roof sheets and related goods." Omuthiya, which is expected to be the regional capital of the Oshikoto region, is 70 km north of Oshivelo and 70 km south of Ondangwa.
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