• September 24th, 2018
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Safety Tips on Your Home

By Sifu Lawrence Hochobeb Security at Home - Be suspicious of any stranger who arrives at your doorstep and don't be afraid to be rude. - Teach your children never to let strangers into the house. - Beware of door-to-door "salespeople" and keep a professional distance. - It someone is at the door and suddenly the outside light isn't working, this should be a warning sign. - When you move into a new house, install new locks. - Don't keep large amounts of money or other valuables at home. - Outside doors should be kept locked at all times - Remove all obstructions in your yard that could conceal a burglar and cut back bushes and shrubs around your front door. - Burglar proof your doors and windows. - If you must use the telephone to call for emergency assistance then remain calm and give your name and street address and the nature of the pro- blem quickly and efficiently. - Use of a firearm against an intruder should only be considered if there is danger of harm. - Inform a trusted person where you are going and when you expect to return. - When returning home and your home shows signs of forced entry, do not enter. While Away from Home - Try to create a lived-in appearance in your home. - Never leave notes on your doors that indicate your absence. - Make sure windows and doors are locked properly. - Do not leave hidden keys. - Inform the local police. - Never leave only the outside entrance light on. - Inform a trusted neighbour. - Lock all gates. - Arrange for someone to stay at your home till you return. Common Sense Rules - Be alert in protecting your neighbour's homes as well as your own. - If you see or hear someone acting suspicious call the police or alert others. - DON'T tell a stranger that your neighbour is away. - NEVER admit to a stranger that you are alone. - If you are living alone, take extra care.
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