• September 20th, 2018
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Home Affairs to Introduce Mobile Registration

By Anna Shilongo WINDHOEK The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration yesterday held a stakeholders conference to enlighten staff on the ministry's plans and projects. The conference also provided an opportunity to staff to contribute to the fulfilment of the ministry's plans. Speaking at the occasion, Home Affairs and Immigration Minister, Rosalia Nghidinwa, said the ministry cannot function in isolation. "It is a must for this ministry to work together with all stakeholders. "The public should acknowledge the importance of this institution as the centre point of national identity," said the minister. "Life begins at the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration and also it ends with the same ministry. We issue birth certificates when a person is born, and a death certificate when a person dies. Everybody whether you work for the public or private sector is a stakeholder in one way or another," she added. Nghidinwa expressed satisfaction with the ministry's five-year strategic plan. She said a lot has been achieved, especially in the areas of operation. Achievements include the reduction of the waiting period for identity cards and passports. However, plans are underway to improve the ministry service delivery. The ministry also intends to implement a plan to reduce the waiting periods for resident permits, work permits, study permits and visas. She reiterated the ministry's plans to set up a target to provide all citizens with identification documents by 2030 as outlined in Vision 2030, and subsequently in the ministry's sub-vision. To achieve these goals, she said, there is need for stakeholders to cooperate and assist the ministry. Home Affairs is currently in consultation with the Health Ministry for support to register newborn babies at maternity wards. The ministry met regional governors in February last year to seek advice on the establishment of sub-regional offices countrywide. As a result, the ministry has purchased 10 mobile vehicles equipped with modern technology to conduct mobile registration and to issue of national documents regularly. The mobile vehicles are equipped with all necessary software to register people in the field and download data to the head office where the ID cards will be printed. She said the ID cards will be printed and delivered to the owners within reasonable time. Deputy Prime Minister Libertina Amadhila is expected to inaugurate these mobile registration vehicles in the capital today.
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