• September 23rd, 2018
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Omatando No. 2 Not for Sale

Re: George Nelulu et al and Omatando no. 2 community, letters under the headline: "Oukwanyama Authority not Impressed with Mbangula" which appeared in the New Era and another one in the Windhoek Observer under the headline: "Journalism Ethics Tarnished". These letters contain half-baked truths, untruths, malicious and unfounded allegations. As a result they cannot go unchallenged because it may mislead the nation. The one written by a certain George Nelulu in New Era stated: "fighting with his sibling over his father's village, having been told to amicably settle the dispute among his family members and having vested and conflict of interests...." I would like to respond as follows: I am the legitimate headman of Omatando no.2 village whether Nelulu likes it or not. In 2001, my father nominated me as per customary law of the community concerned that in the event of his death, I should take over the leadership of the village. This was done after my older brother resigned out of his own free will as our father's assistant. My father followed up the matter with a letter dated February 22, 2002 which he personally handed over in my presence and other witnesses to the sub-senior headman of Elyambala Wilbard Abed Nghishitelwa and the senior headman of Onamutayi Amon Sheefeni Shipanga. Again such a letter of nomination was forwarded by registered mail to the late Chairman of the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority (OTA) Victor Weyulu on January 20,2003, Nampost Courier Waybill no. 2177241 and R 208746. The nomination was well taken by the trio, namely: Shipanga, Nghishitelwa and Weyulu. Surprisingly after the death of my father on 24 October 2006,almost four years after the nomination was made, Nelulu, Shipanga, Chief Martha Nelumbu, Simon Kaupa Mwatotele and others started to instigate my brother against me for reasons only known to themselves. Now Nelulu is talking about resolving the dispute amicably among family members. What dispute is he talking about? Is it the one invented by him and others? My father left everything in order, even my brother who is being used by Nelulu and his group know very well from the bottom of his heart that he has no case against me and I have no grudges against him. Nelulu and his cohorts are trying in vain to impose my brother on the community of Omatando No.2 having forgotten that he relocated to Omuntele constituency in Oshikoto Region in 2003. Again Nelulu, Mwatotele, Shipanga and Chief Nelumbu have forgotten that my brother who unfortunately happens to be an RDP supporter wrote a letter on 26 September 2003 to my lawyers in which he made his position clear to every one. He said in paragraph two: " Your claim that I was demoted by my father as acting headman is misplaced." In paragraph three he noted: " You said I want to reclaim the village leadership. You are wrong. How many times did I say in public that I have no intention whatsoever to reclaim the village leadership. I have nothing to gain and nothing to lose. I abandoned the decision myself." Read paragraph six of the letter in my possession: "In short I must say I have no quarrel with William's appointment." Now what conflict is Nelulu talking about in my family? If my brother has stated his position clearly three years back before our father's death, what case does he has to fight for the leadership position now after our father's death? Furthermore, I wish to make it clear that my family and the community of Omatando no.2 are clear as to who is their leader. Shortly after the burial of my father, my family came together to confirm and reconfirm the nomination made by my father in a letter of 22 February 2002. They signed a letter addressed to Shipanga, signed by seven of eight of my siblings. My legitimacy was once again confirmed by the residents of Omatando no.2 from 55 of the 67 households in the village in a petition to the Hon. Governor of Oshana dated 22 February 2007. Can Nelulu and fellow(s) show the nation a single document from my father which has nominated my brother, signed by the residents of the village or his family in his favour? As I have stated before, my case is based on concrete facts with documentary proof but not on hearsay like Nelulu's petty arguments. In a desperate attempt, Nelulu and his group are trying to get rid of me in order to surrender power to my brother. Let them be assured that this will never happen. As a former CoD activist and now a self-confessed RDP supporter, my brother is earmarked to be wheel-chaired into the position of village headman even against his stated will. This is because they are more comfortable working with him as part of the CoD-RDP-OTA alliance's master plan of placing their supporters in strategic positions hoping it will help them to conquer this country. On the political affiliation of Nelulu and his henchmen, I would like to state clearly that he should not fool the nation and the international community. It has been and always will remain an open secret that Nelulu pretends to be a Swapo during the day and something else during the night. His actions and behavior have been exposed not only now but even during the colonial era. Nelulu should be reminded about the dirty tricks he is employing within the OTA in favour of his tribal based political party. Himself a failed businessman-turned politician and self-styled traditional leader, Nelulu came to power after imposing bogus elections on the community of Onengali. What he has done is un-African since the customary law dictates that the traditional throne is inherited within the ruling family not grabbed. He even went an extra mile to unilaterally rename the original District of Onengali as Eudaneko. Nelulu indicated in his letter that the OTA has a responsibility of maintaining "peace, unfettered neutrality, tranquility, justice, fairness and truth." Is it fair, unfettered neutral and peaceful to punish the whole village to travel close to 200 kilometers to get service at Ohangwena? The distance to Ohangwena when going and coming back if using the officially proclaimed road through Ondangwa is about 200 kilometers. How about if the OTA was not called to order by the Governor of Oshana in a letter dated 20 November 2007 to reconsider their decision? I think if at all such norms do exist, they are only on paper but never practised. For the above reasons, I still believe that Mr Lucas Shihepo Shinedima, the senior headman of Okelemba has been and still is a victim of a political witch-hunt spearheaded by RDP malcontents who are operating within the OTA. If Mr Shinedima has done anything wrong, why is he the only one to be dealt with. When is the OTA going to deal with other serious cases of misconduct currently swept under the carpet because those involved are well connected? These cases of cheating, abuse of power and theft are deliberately being ignored while other people are being victimized on the basis of spurious reasons. Nelulu in his letter not worth the paper on which it is written stooped so low as to allege that I have "handlers" who are probably behind me. The man should be told to get his facts right from his sources. Those who are feeding him with concoctions should be advised that I don't need "handlers" to know that my community is being oppressed, suppressed, humiliated, exploited and cheated by ruthless and greedy dictators masquerading as traditional leaders. In the same vein I would like to point out that I don't need "handlers" to fight for or defend the throne legally, fairly and squarely given to me by my father, his family and the community. Last but not least, I wish to make it clear to everyone that Omatando no.2 is not for sale, not least to the RDP and CoD confusionists supported by the OTA. We are prepared to fight Shipanga and his heir apparent niece Beata Mupika Mengela nee Haufiku, Nelulu, Mwatotele, Chief Nelumbu and others because we are certain that the truth and rule of law will prevail. William Joseph Mbangula Headman: Omatando no.2 For and on behalf of Omatando no.2 community and the Mbangula family
2008-02-29 00:00:00 10 years ago
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