• September 25th, 2018
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Reggae Lovers In for a Treat

By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK Tomorrow, two of Namibia's top Shambo and Reggae bands will have you rocking and swinging until the early morning hours at the Palm Tree Park in the capital. Formula Band and The Mighty Dreads will have you dancing from the first track to the last. The two groups are well known for their Shambo melodies, in essence traditional Oshiwambo music fused with modern music instruments, as well as roots reggae, dancehall and afro-beat. The gathering will mark the first time that the bands, established by two brothers Tulonga Wahengo (Formula Band) and Set-son Wahengo (Mighty Dreads) respectively, collaborate to present the year's hottest music get-together. Created at the end of 2004 Formula Band came about through the experiences of the musicians who all worked together previously in various bands. The artists realised instead of relying on a band rather than betting on individuals. The common promise was they would still be around and secure a future with or without a stable picture of members. Formula Band released its first album, 'Shaa Mboka Rocks' last year and gained experience and exposure at the Awesome Music Festival in Durban, South Africa, in the same year. The popular Mighty Dreads needs no introduction. It was formed way back in 1993 and was then known as the Young Dreads. In 1995 the band's name was changed to Mighty Dreads. Like Formula Band, they also play reggae music as well as Shambo. The Mighty Dreads is the first group to fuse this ethnic Namibian music with modern music instruments and it was lead singer Set-son Wahengo who coined the name Shambo derived from the word Oshiwambo. The Mighty Dreads has released three albums, independently. 'Kula Umone' (Grow to See) was released in August 2004, 'Wisdom Fundamental' in 2005 and 'The Drama of Cain and Abel' in October last year. The band will use the gig to launch their Web site.
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